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57 With a Difficult Doctor

Thanks for the heads-up Cdog. Looks like it has been noted and deletted. I’ll be more carefulnnext time.

Here is my 2 day temperature log
4 pm 96.6
9 pm 95.6
6 am 93.8
7 pm 96.3
6 am 94.3
Definatly low. this is my second day on the iodine potassium supplement (30mg)

You should take 750 mg, so more than two weeks. You could try 60 and see if you tolerate.

Kale: high iron in food may reduce iodine absorption, what were you thinking that the kale would do?

It seems like I had read that kale was high in iodine and was eating it to supplement the 30mg pills. The bottle has a 2 week supply so I will see how the 2 weeks go. I can always get more. Is there anything besides temp. that I should monitor?

Just body temp. That is a measure of overall metabolic rate.

Kale may be iodine rich, if grown in the right soils. Grown in a “goiter belt” might not have useful amounts of iodine. Some regions used to have high levels of goiter [deep iodine deficiency] because the soils contained very low levels of iodine. Areas that have been glaciated are typically a problem. Now food comes from thousands of miles away.