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5'7, 78kg ... Poor Pictures but Recent


What's going on, i'm new on here so thought i'd just hit this section up and get some feedback... i've been training on and off for a few years, i say 'on and off' because of a major knee injury i got playing football, the last year's been non stop. I've recently started leaning towards strength training after reading 'Beyond Brawn' by Stuart McRobert, really opened my eyes as to how much i was overtraining.
I'm totally natural so just throw some criticism my way, thanks!


Chest, side on


Front Lat' spread, i'll try get some decent back shots up soon aswell as some leg shots, the lighting in my bedroom sucks


Oh and as to adhere to the rules, my lifts are as follows...

As of 16/03/2011

Deadlift - 120kg x 10 for 2 sets, not sure what my max is because i knocked it down to make sure i stick to the full amount of reps, probably looking at around 150kg.

Bench - 87.5kg x 6

Weighted Chin - Bodyweight + 15kg x 8

Weighted Dip - Bodyweight + 50kg

Leg Press, Plate loaded - 105kg x 20
( my knee injury limits squatting, i stick to heavy pressing and Stiffs )

This is all i'm really tracking at the moment, next cycle i'll switch up an exercise or two to progress on


Legs look small and we don't know how much you weigh. Other than that, I mean you are fairly muscular and your posing is nice. you're just not a monster


I weigh around 78kg...
Yeah my legs are a real weak point due to my knee injury, not been able to train them consistently for 3 years, working hard to build some muscle with the leg press to support my knee so i can start squatting. Thanks anyway man.


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thanks a lot BBB, yeah man consistency is key!