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5'7'', 180lb, 6 Months Bodybuilding Training...


This photos are just over 2 weeks out from a regional bodybuilding show here in New Zealand. I have competed years ago in teenage divison comps (over 13yrs ago now:/).

My goal is to compete in bodybuilding with the long term goal of winning overall Mr New Zealand.

Let me know your thoughts and/or opinions.


Max lifts are:
Bench - 320lbx2reps
Deadlift - 560lbx1rep
Squat - 520lbx1rep


Most muscular


Back lat spread


Back Double bicep


Side Chest


Front double bicep


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Look awesome!

Quads are superb!

Good luck for the show! I wish I could saw the same for the Rugby World Cup (i'm South African :slightly_smiling: )


Excellent work. Hope we're hearing about your win in a couple of weeks!



Looking thick. Impressive back and quads.


Thanks guys!. Will keep you posted.

Yeah been a few upsets in the RWC eh Brian. All Blacks have the best form so far:)


Legs are just crazy!!! Awesome man: great inspiration, great work overall.


Here are some pics from the Wellington NZFBB 2011 show.

I won my class (novice 70-80kg).

Planning to compete in powerlifting till early next year, then going
into the open classes in national comps next year


Back double bicep


Top 3 onstage


Very cool, congrats! Based on the pic of the top 3, you easily took it!



Very impressive, nice work and congratulations.


Thanks Stu and Ethan. Was great to get the comp done and get eating and lifting heavy again:)


Wow great job. Any pics form the offseason before and what are your plans for training and nutrition for Pling now


You definitely easily took that #1!! congrats. you were much above the other two!