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5'7" 174lbs 24 Year Old 6-7 Years of Training

I did say sorry…

Big silicon high profile puppies. Something I can get my face between.

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And I do get likes! Last pic I posted it got 37 likes, I’m pretty much instafamous already
Anywayyyyy other than the tit implants what else do I focus on?

Steady diet of squats and DL’s with appropriate assistance lifts will do wonders. Looks like you’ve been focusing on the mirror stuff and neglecting the shit that the honeys can see when you’re not facing them. A strong back and the ability to fill out anything bigger than slim- fit jeans is what your goal should be. Don’t bother with anything else.

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Dis and up the dose mane. Gear doesn’t grow your legs for you as well as around the shoulder girdle.

You don’t know he’s on gear. You can get acne and puffy nipples without gear.

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From this thread alone it’s a jump (albeit a very very very small leap to make), tho if I was a betting man…

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@Basement_Gainz gg ez?


He’s on gear?


Maybe… not sure yet. Still need 24/7/52 WADA drug testing, muscle biopsies, private investigator on his background/history, lie detector testing etc. to confirm

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Kind of looks like one of my chickens.


are you serious lmao? you’re on roids, training for 6-7 years and im 15 and weigh almost 10 ibs more then you, with almost the same bodyfat level?

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fixed it for you.

You some teletubby arse looking motherfucker tho…



To be fair, some of those chickens have some killer style going on.

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You definitely need some grammar lessons at 15 that’s for sure. I’m not on any gear at the moment. Been off for 5-6 months already. Anyway a teletubby shouldn’t be going so hard on judgments. Acne I’ve had since I was 14 as well as a little premature gyno.


Hey chicks are loving that Naruto/Supersaiyan color tone. You should try it out sometime :slight_smile:

All for the thotties man. So focus more on DL since I really can’t squat much weight (both shoulders dislocate really easy) and more leg extensions. Thanks so much brotha. so I’ll def focus on my quads more. I’ll try to get some back shots tonight.

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I had no idea he was legit on the Russian sports supplementz. I was just teasing him.

@robstein gets into competition shape (4%) in the high 140’s at 5’5" I believe. He’s a lifetime natural competing in tested comps. Check out his log.

@mackadonian : Those steroids. You’re doing them wrong. How do you train/eat?

Please elaborate on the steroids. I’d like to know what am I doing wrong as I’m here to learn and better myself