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5'7" 174lbs 24 Year Old 6-7 Years of Training


These are a couple of pics from a 2 month span. Haven’t checked myself my current BF% but I’d love to get an estimate from you guys also any comments or criticism is welcomed as I’d like to know what to improve in my current physique.
Please don’t be harsh. Thanks

First Pic I’m pumped
Second Pic I’m relaxed
Third Pic just a sic cunt brah

Cutting Cycle Help. Sust/Mast/Tren
Khangles' GIF Dump

Good from the waist up, but why do your wheels look smaller than your guns?

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No wheel shots, but not going to lie I need to work more on them. Other than that anything else I need to better?


A full gym bro if I’ve ever seen one. Inb4 @khangles gets Inb4 @Irishman92 to ask for dem wheels but already beaten by OP :expressionless:

Wtf are you even posting these pics for? Arnt you getting enough likes on snapshot and insta-wank? There no back shots, no legs and even a sign over a place where nuts usually hang… Wtf??


Aw sorry babe, I didn’t really think you had a vag under the sign. Tit implants would get a straight up 10 from me.


@Irishman92 chill lel.


Never win a comp with that haircut.


You guys are so mean! :confounded:


Y u not dig? A got a couple compliments from some middle aged ladies at the gym


Saline or Silicone?


I did say sorry…

Big silicon high profile puppies. Something I can get my face between.

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And I do get likes! Last pic I posted it got 37 likes, I’m pretty much instafamous already
Anywayyyyy other than the tit implants what else do I focus on?


Steady diet of squats and DL’s with appropriate assistance lifts will do wonders. Looks like you’ve been focusing on the mirror stuff and neglecting the shit that the honeys can see when you’re not facing them. A strong back and the ability to fill out anything bigger than slim- fit jeans is what your goal should be. Don’t bother with anything else.

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Dis and up the dose mane. Gear doesn’t grow your legs for you as well as around the shoulder girdle.


You don’t know he’s on gear. You can get acne and puffy nipples without gear.

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From this thread alone it’s a jump (albeit a very very very small leap to make), tho if I was a betting man…

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@Basement_Gainz gg ez?


He’s on gear?


Maybe… not sure yet. Still need 24/7/52 WADA drug testing, muscle biopsies, private investigator on his background/history, lie detector testing etc. to confirm

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Kind of looks like one of my chickens.