5'7",163 lbs - Should I Start a Cutting Phase?

Hey folks,

5’7" 163lb - I believe I’m around 17% - 18% bf. Should I starting to focus on fat loss?

Have scoliosis and gyno.

What did you weigh in the “before” pic and how long did it take you to put on the size?

What’s your actual long-term goal? And what does your training and diet look like?

You did a really good job of putting on muscular bodyweight. Depending on your goal, you could probably keep doing what you’ve been doing for a while longer. It’s not like you’re getting sloppy.

Also, I don’t think you have gyno. If you did, it managed to pretty much correct itself once you started building muscle. No surprise there.


congrats on your progress. you look great.


I weighed about 136lb 5 years ago when I started working out.

My long term goal is to get as bigger as I can, being natural. In fact I don’t care too much to be shredded but Im worried trying to put on size with high bf because I understand that a high bf makes it more difficult to gain muscle mass and that’s my main concern.

I training mostly following U/L split 4 days week, sometimes 3x full body and very few times 5x week ppl / bro split.

I tried in the first 2 years w weighting food and counting macros but it made me nuts. I now just eat mostly health food 3-4 times a day


Breakfast: Bread + 4 whole eggs + milk or black coffee
Lunch and dinner:Rice beans and chicken
Fruits when I have in home hahaha

I also eat junk food and some beer when I want to with no regrets or guilty but I have 3-4 meals like this a week.

This gets mentioned a lot and I personally find it pretty stupid, unless you are really sloppy (which you are not).

Let’s say you drop down a little leaner, maybe it takes you 2 months, then you start the muscle gaining goal, eating in a surplus sufficient enough to ensure you are building muscle. How long do you think until you are back where you started body fat wise?! Maybe a month, 2 maybe, then what? you need to stop and get lean again? How much muscle do you think you will gain in a month with your “more optimal body fat for muscle building”

Good work on the gains so far.

It’s not so much that high bodyfat makes it hard to gain muscle. It’s that high bodyfat makes it more likely you’ll gain even more bodyfat while also adding muscle. But like I said, I don’t think you’re near that spot yet.

I’d stay on track and pretty much keep doing what you’ve been doing because it’s still delivering. Adding some basic conditioning a few days a week would be good “insurance” against fat gain. And if you do start getting legit fat, cutting the 3-4 cheat meals a week down to 1-2 would be the simple first step.

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what do you want to do?

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Hey guys,

So it’s been a couple of months I started to losing fat but cutting a bit of what I was eating and increasing a bit of protein when possible. By the middle of October I’ll starting eating more to new muscle gaining.

How do you think of my physique? I’m very happy losing fat but not too happy because I realized seeing abs is very hard hahahaha

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You’re doing wonderful. Keep going.


Your back looks pretty freaking lean, you probably just store fat more in the stomach region. I think muscle gain should probably still be your primary goal. Just keep training hard and eat to fuel your recovery. Calories are your friend when you’re trying to gain muscle. If I were you, I would focus a lot of effort on your deltoids, biceps, triceps, and calves as those seem to be your weak points. Keep up the good work brother.

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Thank you Sir!

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Thank you, Dave. I have hard time trying to gain any calves muscle but will keep training hard on these. The thing is that I love and spend most energy on big muscles and ending with calves or arms pretty fatigue.

Will try starting my workouts on these muscles to focus on.

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I wouldn’t really recommend that. I would recommend just adding a day where you address your weak points and you do like 2 exercises for delts, triceps, biceps, and calves. That would be my suggestion. Coach Thibaudeau refers to this as a “Gap Day”


Got it! It makes sense, Dave.

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