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5'7", 145 Pounds. First Test E Cycle

So this is my first test cycle and I was hoping if the community could approve of my cycle in the sense of this method and my precautions. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated, I’m here to listen to your advice and take it willingly:
Stats: 145lb, 5’7, 10%

Test E: 250mg/3.5day (15Weeks)
(so injecting bi weekly, Mon and Thurs)

PCT 2 weeks after cycle:
Day 1 Clomid 200mg + Nolvadex 40mg
2-11 Clomid 50mg + Nolvadex 20mg
12-22 Clomid 50mg + Nolvadex 20mg

If I get signs of gyno,
take armidex twice a week
(not too sure on the dosage tbh)
until it goes

Test blood test:Before,
Half into cycle and
A month after PCT

This is a bit undersized for starting a cycle. If you are a true 10% that puts your lean mass at ~130 lbs. At 5’7" you should shoot for about a lean body weigh (subtract your fat mass from your body weight) of 150 lbs before starting AAS. You need to learn the fundamentals of training before using AAS, otherwise all the gains will go when you stop.

This is over kill. Most will say just run Nolva 40, 40, 20, 20. You could add 20, 20 for a 6 week pct if you desire.

Start with 10 mg nolva per day. Nolva is prefered for gyno prevention.


Firstly I appreciate your quick reply,
-I definitely understand that I’m a bit undersized and I’ve genuinely tried to learn as much as i can in my lifting process: form, nutrition, progressive overload etc.
-So with Nolva I’m assuming I take it everyday following the 40,40,20,20 structure on a weekly basis
And in terms of gyno: Do i stick to the 10mg Nolva per day whilst on the cycle until i finish it or until the signs go

I would not start the nolva until you have symptoms of gyno. You may not need anything.

How old are you?

How many years of training do you have?

What does your training look like? Are you progressing in general (lifting more than you were 6 months ago)?

Although you have a decent size, I would guess your nutrition is where you’re struggling to put on size. If you don’t get that sorted out, you’ll lose most of what you gained. My diet and training are pretty on point, and even I struggle to maintain what I gain.

Also, I heard that I should take ‘0.25 mg of Anaztrozol daily while on cycle, just to avoid as much estrogen conversion as possible’
should I follow this or do I not really need to worry about it as much?

I genuinely hope that my nutrition is okay but if you could review it quickly I wouldn’t mind:
Track calories everyday, TDEE ~1900 since I have an office job, I prefer a high protein diet mainly because I find it more satiating and I genuinely enjoy it. So macros usually are: 180-200g protein, 30% fats and the rest carbs.
Obviously adjusting my calories for my goal: i.e bulking
I calculate my TDEE using a fitbit (+ workout calories) and eat at a 20% surplus

Just turned 24 years old, lifting since I turned 17 but definitely started taking it seriously at 20. Training using a Upper-Lower split rn, Applying progressive overload every week however only seeing lifting improvements about every 3 months

I would not take advice from that individual anymore. That is 1.75 mg a week. At that dose, you will have a high likelihood of crashing your E2 (you really don’t want to do this). Wait until you need a SERM or AI to use them.

This is a bit on the young side for AAS, IMO. I suggest waiting a bit. Doing so will ensure you have really thought this through. In that time focus on getting bigger and stronger natty.

Are you following anything in particular? I got my best gains when I dedicated myself to a proven program. Don’t underestimate good programming.

I’m unfamiliar with fitbits and such, however your TDEE seems like it could be possibly or maybe slightly under. I’m not sure how Fitbits track this stuff.

For arguments sake, if your TDEE is indeed 1900, how many calories are you eating daily? And is that 1900 accounting for your exercise calories burned as well? Many folks forget to include that.

Are you eating just maintenance then ? 1900 calories? What does your diet consist of?


More than likely, your carbs are preventing you from growing. I’d aim to hit 160-165lbs naturally before trying a cycle. You have natural potential left, you don’t have to take all the risks. On top of that, you really will lose what you gain if you continue eating like that.

We are all different and have different needs, but I eat roughly 3x the amount of carbs you do. Again, I’m a little bigger than you (5’10 / 193) but just as an example.

I currently follow an athlean-X workout programme, but I’m definitely open to anything you’d be able to suggest.
And when would you say I would need a SERM/AI given my current situation?
But I do appreciate how I should focus on becoming a stronger natty

Well a SERM (nolva) will specifically prevent gyno, so if you nipples are on fire, you would start taking it.

Got it! And if I could ask if there’s any workout programme that you really feel would help get to the strongest natty I could be?

As of right now 20% surplus since just on the beginning of a bulk so 2280 kcal: 200g pro 76g fats and 199g carbs. Should change up my split and perhaps add more carbs?
Also, appreciate the set target: how do you think I should go about reaching this, I’ve really struggled in the past with excessively eating on bulks so I end up with a ridiculous amount of fat which takes me months to either cut or recomp from

Well, many have success with 531. It is a program that emphasizes progression.

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Not nearly enough calories. I’m your height and hovering around 200lbs right now. I have to eat 3300 just for maintenance. If you haven’t tried a 5x5 or 531 style work out I would try that for awhile as @mnben87 said. I gained a lot of my bulk progressing through heavier and heavier powerlifting routines. At least for awhile, you slow down when your numbers start becoming legit.



yeah can eaaasily get up to 175 using info on this site, no gear needed
-Run through programs off this site, start a 5x5 based template like this…

then this…

read 10 Dan john/Wender articles also

See, I’m the exact opposite of the two guys above. Reps of 5 and fewer made me stupid strong. But didn’t get very big.

This is why everyone is so different, and it’s crucial to find out what works best for you BEFORE resorting to steroids.

We all grow different based on genetics and body types. We all need different things. Once you find out YOUR needs, you’ll grow, grow until you can’t anymore, then decide if steroids are for you.

I powerlift, but also do high reps further from meets. My favorite BBers (Ronnie, Arnold, and Franco) all started as powerlifters. I feel the strength they had from powerlifting allowed for a different looking physique.

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