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56 Year Old Needs to Start From Scratch

Starting TRT tomorrow…and I am a former athlete, always stayed in shape, but sadly with my job as a school administrator my lifestyle has become sedentary. I need to get back into doing some cardio, possibly some light lifting to get me back to someone I can be proud of again. I am currently 56, 6’ tall and weigh 250. Really need to and would like to lose 50 lbs…looking for some workout suggestions. Gonna start a 30 ISAGENIX shake and cleansing program also with my TRT therapy. Thanks for any help guys…

Be careful with this product. My aunt and uncle used to see it and they talked to people who would have side effects like lethargy and mood swings. My uncles attitude would dramatically change after a few days on it. It doesn’t affect everyone like this but keep it in mind.

Also as a former athlete I’m sure you have a decent idea of how to get back in shape.

Start walking outdoors

Ease yourself into the gym. Find what you body is comfortable with in there. Its nice to be able to jump back under the bar and start squatting but this may not be feasible. Listen to your body and adjust.

If things are going well than perhaps look at a slower progressing routine such as 531.

Remember to keep eating good foods and perhaps up your protein intake if you choose to get back in the gym.