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56 Year Old Needing Workout

Just starting TRT this week. 6’ 255 lbs…have had issues losing weight. Gonna do Isagenix for 30 days…need an idea where to start without killing myself.

What’s your lifting back ground? Injuries? You trying to look good, be strong, get in shape, train for something?

Lifted weights in college (played football) right now have a knee that barks a lot. Looking to lose about 50 lbs. (Maybe too lofty) and just to look lean and mean again…not looking to bulk up.

To lose that much weight you’re going to have to do some cardio, whether it be running, walking, biking, walking. To be honest I don’t know what Isagenix is so I don’t know what it does for you. In the lifting area, hit the basics, 3-4 sets med range reps 10 - 15, starting with your basic chest, shoulder, back, arms, legs if you can, and abs. Depending on how much time your going to put in under the weights pick one or more lifts from each body part and have at it. There may be some specific routines some of the others may want to chime in with

Isagenix is a 30 day meal replacement program and cleansing

STOP it right away.
Eat clean, eat the right stuff.

Before you block my post let me explain.

Be aware long post incoming.

I am not, and have never been overweight, I lost about 30 pounds about a year ago. went from 198 lbs to 165 pounds in about a year.

Basic stuff if you eat more calories than your body uses on an everyday base you’ll gain weight. If on the other hand you eat les, you’ll end up losing weight.

Your body has a maintenance calorie intake.

For you that might be about 3000-3300 calories maybe a tad more.

I am not you, and I don’t know your life, but if you truly want lo lose weight, you have to be persistent. 30 days of fasting want do you any good.

I bet you have a smartphone, go find an app where you can track your daily intake. I have on called lifesum but i don’t know if it’s in your language. There are probably a lot out there.
Every damn thing you eat log it, also the sweets and treats.
Find your maintenance calorie intake, it’ll take a couple of weeks to learn.
Most of the calculators have a decent value in them, you log age, height and weight and they come up with a number.
Make sure you get about 250 grams of protein, the rest carbs and fat.

Let’s just say your maintenance is 3300 calories. It might be less or more.
You could go on eating about 2800 calories a day for some time, you will lose weight, but then your body adapt and 2800 becomes your maintenance.

There is an article here on TN about that. They suggest you eat 2 weeks on 2800, then 2 weeks on 3300, 2 weeks on 2800. This means that every two weeks your weight should stay consistent at a weight maybe increase a bit, then you lose a couple of pounds more for 2 weeks.
Get the picture.
When you loose weight your maintenance intake might decrease a bit, be aware of that, when you’re down 15 - 20 pounds you’re burning a bit less calories.

Log your weight every damn morning. You’ll see that it goes up and down every day, that’s fine. As long as the lowest number every week is lower than the week before.

You have to lift heavy ass (as heavy as heavy is for you) weights in big compound movements.
that could be 3 days a week alternating 2 full body workouts.
On the days off take a walk or bike do it in the open get some fresh air. When you are ready, do some small jogging in between.

IF you start this journey, create a log here on TN, it’s a great community and some nice guys hanging around here.

But you have to be patient, make a goal, perhaps 2 years to get to sub 200.
then part time goal sub 220 by februar 2019, september 2018 sub 235, may 2018 sub 245.
If your only goal is 50 or more pounds it’s hard to achieve.

As the weeks comes and goes you’ll end up knowing exactly what to eat and what not to.
It’s a long journey. Eat clean, eat non processed food, get your family in on it, then it’s much easier. Because it’s not easy, did I say that. It’s not. You will fall in the pit. The sooner you get up, the less impact it will have.

I wish you a happy happy jouney. I sincerely hope you’ll make it.
First thing to do, download an app. start weighing everything.
Next get to the gym find a good prober program to follow.

Before you know it, you’ll have to buy new clothes. Keep the biggest pair of trousers and shirt you have, just to remember.


Wow, that was an awesome response. Just some days if you feel frustrated, it could merely be water weight and muscle weighs more than fat. Logging everything helps.


Exactly that’s why I don’t like the only weigh once a week or month.
In the beginning the weight going all over the place is frustrating, but then suddenly you see the pattern weight goes up two - three days then suddenly drops way down to the lowest you’ve seen the last week or two.

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On training I suggest a very simple start, I have just started back, one lift a day, 20 min stretching, twenty min cardio, and eat cleaner. It actually takes serious discipline to only do one lift a day and not over train, good luck !