56 Year Old 6’5” 255lbs Seeking Feedback

Posted this in the rate my physique thread, but it seems quite dead. Maybe I can get a little feedback here from my peer group.

Last cycle was Dbol and test in the mid 1980s. On 110mg trt per week now just because I’m old. Trying to stay in shape. Still train hard, do serious cardio and don’t eat like a fatty. Would enjoy chatting about all things fitness, but curious how am I doing? Help or crush my ego. It’s all in good fun. Thanks.

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Looking good brother.

Thank you, sir.

You have put on some decent size since your first post. Legs looking lean. Keep up the good work! Start logging your workouts and hang around a while.

Thank you. I guess I should.

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Looking good!
So where in Indiana are you?

Thanks. I grew up there. Live in Maryland now.

I grew up there too, near Evansville.

Love the state

I can only hope to be near this level in 20 years. Kudos sir