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56, Ready for TRT - Numbers & Plans

Low SHBG is not necessary better, you need SHBG to activate testosterone at receptor sites, without it you’re screwed. Having high normal testosterone levels with low SHBG is stupid since you can’t really hold on to all of that testosterone, but you will hold on to all that estrogen since it stays around longer than testosterone.

High SHBG can be brought down to midrange given a large enough dosage, midrange SHBG is best.

@systemlord so I will lower T-Cyp to what you recommended, 50mg on a Sunday/Wednesday routine. Should I keep anastrazole at .25mg per injection, and keep HCG at 125iu per Sunday/Wednesday. I know you said I should up the HCG to 250iu EOD…just wanting to get things straight before I inject Wednesday.

@studhammer I have reached out to @KSman but I know he is busy. Having some dull aching in the boys, and just wondering if I should be upping my HCG routine to 250iu EOD and upping my anastrozole to .5mg with each injection of T?

I appreciate you asking me but I’ve never used HCG. I doubt it the Adex affecting your boys, I’ve never had any issues down there even when taking huge amounts of test.

I don’t think I’d increase your Adex unless you’re having other E2 symptoms like back acne, nipple tenderness, etc.

@KSman @systemlord I am having questions about changing the current routine I am on. As stated “Ok got my 4 week labs back…the PA called and this is what he said. T level went to 952, and my E level was 23…he suggested staying on my current protocol of 70mg of T-Cyp Sunday/Wednesday, with 125iu of HCG Sunday/Wednesday, and .25mg of anastrozole on Sunday/Wednesday. Curious if you suggest I back off to 50mg of T-Cyp on the Sunday/Wednesday cycle, and you did suggest going to 250iu of HCG EOD, and .5mg of anastrozole on Sunday/Wednesday…THOUGHTS??? I feel my T level is too high. I assume my E level is ok at 23?”

I just got my delivery of meds for the next month…I got a 6000iu bottle of HCG, .5mg anastrozole caplets (not the little white pill that I could cut). SO my question is at the advice of @Ksman @systemlord that since I am a low SHBG guy I am going to lower my T-Cyp to 50mg on a E3D routine, should I increase my HCG injection to 250iu EOD? My E was good with last test so my question is if I up my HCG do I need to up my anastrozole to .5mg with each T-Cyp injection? I appreciate some guidance from you guys.

They are some doctors who rather than chase labs they will go by how the patients feel, once the patient states he feels great, he will then run labs to see where you are at and move the goal post. I like this approach as if focuses away from labs chasers and improves the doctor patient relationship. I believe you are too high and you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t think so to.

I’m sorry your doctor won’t listen. Give it the full 6 weeks, then decide.

That means 70mg T-Cyp E3D, 125iu of HCG E3D, and .25mg of anastrozole. That is my current protocol…but I can give it 2 more weeks. I think I should be doing 50mg T-Cyp E3D, 250iu HCG EOD, and .5mg of anastrozole E3D. I guess I was looking for a go ahead and give it a go…