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56, Ready for TRT - Numbers & Plans

Definitely DO NOT inject only once a week. Side effects include, peaks and valleys of your T levels, estrogen peaks, etc. Things you just don’t need. Split your prescribed dose in two and try sundays and wednesdays or some combo that suits you.

I am on 25 units of HCG should i split that too? I like the thoughts of splitting it better but he said I would be alright.

I dont use HCG, so I’m afraid I dont have any experience to share with you on that. Sorry.

Should I do a Sunday/Wednesday split of 70mg? What about my 25 units of HCG? SHould I split it also or just once a week?

You don’t do HCG once weekly, inject HCG 2-3 times weekly.

Ok new to this…the Dr. is drop shipping my T and HCG, and arimidiex. My script is for 140mg once per week, which concensus is I should do that with 2 injections of 70mg on Sunday then again on Wednesday. He prescribed 25 units of HCG so do I divide that 25 units into 12.5 and just put it in the same syringe as the testosterone? I had my first shot yesterday in the clinic…a shot in the stomach was 25 units of HCG and a shot in my butt with the T and half a pill of arimidiex.

So any clarification how I should administer at home without running out of one or the other before I get a new shipment would be appreciated…you guys are great.

You need to use insulin syringes and inject T in the shoulders and or thigh muscles, no need to shoot the butt. It’s ideal to inject HCG and T together if it fits in syringes. TRT will make you a low SHBG guy, you may need to split shots up EOD if symptoms don’t resolve after many months.

Systemlord…thanks for your responses. They of course gave me bigger needles for the T and insulin needles for the HCG. Can I use the larger needles they gave me (does 30 sound right)??? to combine T and HCG…or should I use the smaller insulin needles to do both HCG and T together?

Another question should I start with the Sunday/Wednesday routine for a month, then return to the clinic for my normal blood work and see how things are going? Or do I spread out the dose of 140mg a week out so I am giving it EOD? SO to be clear if I decide to do 70mg of T on Sunday/Wednesday along with 12.5 units of HCG do I take my half a pill of arimidex just once a week? IF I go EOD do I split those 12.5 units of HCG up or just shoot it with one dose or just twice a week? Want to make sure I give myself the best possible results.

As long as you inject T-Cyp every 3.5 days that fine, HCG has a shorter half life, injecting once weekly is no good, 2-3 time weekly or EOD. Split AI up and take at time of T-Cyp injection. Just make sure if clinic wants labs wait minimum 2 days after injection to get bloods drawn. T peaks in 24-48 hours.

SO just curious they are drop shipping me supplies and medicines. If I go rogue and do the 2 times a week injection route I will run out of needles…how do I handle that?

Ok this is a bit off topic but I had my first injections yesterday, 140mg Testosterone, 25 units HCG, and my little pill. I literally dreamed all night long and for this 56 year old guy they were X rated and that hasn’t happened in YEARS. I know it was probably just a coincidence but wow!

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time of replying to this newbie. I am into 2nd week today, I decided to inject half of my 140 T-Cyp, and half of my 250 HCG, and took a 1/4 of my A pill. I plan on doing 2nd round on Wednesday. My question is since I am going rogue and doing injections 2x a week, I am scheduled once a month to do blood work on the same day I take my once a week injection (wednesday’s). You said I should not do blood work within 2 days of injections…so am I ok to inject on Sunday and wait till after the blood test on Wednesday to inject? I will be curious to see how my blood work comes back doing 70mg 2x a week, I don’t think I am even going to tell the Dr. I am going rogue…I trust you guys more than him.

Its easy to order syringes online. I personally go to GPZ Medical. I get about 100 for $18 delivered

What size do you order?

23 gauge, 1" needles

Sorry, I just ordered and its an extra $10 for shipping. So about $28 for 100 syringes delivered

Thanks for the needle hook up…I do have a question. I can handle the HCG injection and the T-Cyp injections on Sunday and Wednesday. It is the pill the A I take half a pill, should I take half of a half with each injection, it is so hard to split up. Or should I just take half once a week? thanks in advance.

You never take AI’s once weekly, take twice weekly with injections. Get a pill cutter.

If they are too small to cut, then check out KSMan’s instructions on dissolving them in vodka. I’ve done this, it works out well.

Starting a 25 mg DHEA supplement as you suggested. Should I take that right away in the morning?
Also going to start an adrenal support supplement, it says to take 2 tablets with a meal once a day, should it be in the morning or noon or night? The adrenal support supplement contains: Vitamin C 60 mg, Vitamin B6 25 mg, Vitamin B-12 100 mcg, Vitamin B-5 100mg, Magnesium 20mg, L-tyrosine 380mg, Eleuthero Extract 100mg, Rhodiola Rosea Extract 75mg, Ashwagandha extract 50 mg, Choline 50mg, Ginger extract 45mg, Licorice extract 40mg, Gotu Kola 25mg, Schizandra 20mg.