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5'6 165lb Contest Shape @ Nationals (European)


I am 5'6 probably shorter (168cm) this was my last contest in 2008, in these pictures I am 74.6kg (164-165lb)currently preparing for another one in April. Next year I will compete in the under <80kg probably at a bodyweight of 172lb.


back double biceps


Before the diet


This look wery good! How long have you been training?

Really likes the back and shoulders.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

EDIT: Gave you a 8


I have been weight-training for the last 6 years, had to stop twice for around a 6 months each give or take due to injuries rotator related.


Good job! The calves are a bitch to bring up huh?


Yes mate, they are my worst night mare... 1 time a week didn't work for me heavy weights couldn't feel them in the calves, this year they started to improve I am training them 3 time a week really focusing on feeling them, they grew 1/2 inch in 2 months I need to bring them up big time 1.5 inches minimum :slight_smile:


Mind sharing your lifting stats? You have a really good back development btw.


Great pics. Legs are especially solid and ripped. Yeah, damn calf curse -lol.



what do you weigh before you start dieting?


I love that third pic of you - your back looks amazing!

Keep up the solid work and do post your lifting stats.


dude u have a lot of acne on ur back...roids?


Wow bmx....not exactly a question you should be slinging out.
1) Who cares either way it's still great physique
2) Looks more like hair than acne
3) If that's you in your avatar your not 3%.........(FYI most guys on stage aren't 3%)
4) The 145lb kid is asking if the bigger guy is on roids.....jealous?
BMX eat and visit the gym, you may look like you have some testosterone (real or fake) in you.


Hey back again in here... heheh bmxfosho, thanks for the reminder I really have to shave my back hair one of these days. Actually I never had any acne in my back in my life, I have just a hairy back and am to damn lazy to shave it in the offseason. Just for the sake, I will post a pic in full color :slight_smile:

In that picture I was around 82kg (180lb) I started dieting for that show around that weight. Heaviest was 85kg in fairly good condition. I don't like to blow up in the offseason, I like to keep a maximum of 10kg difference and still like to keep some seperation visible. I don't know how NPC is judged up in the states but in Europe IFBB amateur shows, the judges tend to favor guys that come in very good condition as opposed to size only. After winning my class in the overall I came 4th beating competitors that were heavier then me.

Now some of you requested my lifting stats. I never train for singles, maxes, or less then 6 reps. I used to train like that and I got injured. When looking at the long term, its not worth the risks. I am very light boned, wrist is less then 7 inches and maxing out usually ends up with some injury. I always try to keep a rep 4 seconds, i train a lot by cadence. Feeling the muscle as opposed to lifting just for the sake of numbers. That being said, these are some current stats :

Front squat : 300lb for 6 reps
Chin ups : BW + 30kg (65lb) for 6 reps
Row : 70kg on each side + bar (358lb) for 6 reps

I don't like to change the core lifts (front squat, row t-bar or wide, parrallel close grip chinups, db bench prsses, tricep dips, etc... ) I just rotate the reps except during last 3-4 weeks of diet where I remove what I think are high risk exercises...


....so you admit u take roids so that u can compete in a 165 LB class? Don't u think that's a bit lame, considering you had to roid up to get to 165 lbs?


What is your problem?


You fucking suck.


i think your lame


@bmxfosho : You are speaking nonsense, you have no idea what you are talking about, you are inventing things about me and frankly speaking I am not going down to your level :slightly_smiling: When you can get in top 6 in the <75kg class (165lb) IFBB World or IFBB Europe or even a USA NPC national level contest you can start talking shit to me.

I hope you do realise that most short pros are < 202lb and these are pros :slightly_smiling: so by your standards Flex Lewis, Silvio Samuel, Dave Henry, Stan Mc Quay, Shawn Ray, Lee Labrada, Francis Benfatto, etc are all shit because they are all below 200lb.

I also hope you realise that this year IFBB EUROPE OVERALL champion was the 165lb class winner.



Dave Henry is the shizzle...

Oh and your not bad too... :wink:

No serious, nice job! Looking badass as hell! Really like the back! All built with Chin-ups, Tbar Rows, Barbell Rows, and Dumbell Rows?