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5'6", 137 Pounds, 18% Bodyfat. Testosterone Tablets?

age : 27.
height : 5’6"
weight : 132lbs from 100lbs
started gym: 5 years ago.
current PR : bench 200lbs, squat 350lbs, deadlift 440lbs.
bf :18% as I have done more of powerlifting stuff throughout.


Since last year I have made little to no progress and I cant figure out why. I have even tried high protein (1.3gm per lb of bw) diet. couple of different training programs but it has not worked.

So I gave a thought to steroids. now I know basics but I do not want to take injectables. Is there any way I can take test in tablet form? and should I do a cycle in the first place? and if not, then what suggestions would you give?

goal : gain 30lbs bw in next 2 years.
thank you.

First of all, Kudos on those lifts at that body weight. 18% is pretty high for someone weighing only 132 lbs. Have you ever had your hormone profile checked? You need to know the reason behind you not gaining muscle.

As to your other question. Oral test is harsh on the liver. Just forget it. If your not willing to inject, then you’re not serious.


thank you so much for the compliment sir.
and no i have not had my hormone profile checked. I will do it now asap.

I have heard that there are some test tabs that dont go through liver. that is why i am asking.
if there is no other option then I would probably go that way only.

what cycle can you suggest, Sir?

Anything you swallow goes thru the liver. Plus the bio-available amount of test is much less but enough to stop your own production. Please don’t do this. You need to learn a lot more before you take this step. You could harm yourself more than you know.

Edit: is that your pic in your profile? Is so, you look way leaner than 18%. Nevertheless, the secret to gaining lean muscle is to eat enough to recover while stimulating your muscles to the point of hypertrophy.

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Additionally, 18% that puts him at 108 lbs of lean tissue. At 5’6" the squat and deadlift especially would be outrageous if performed with only 108 lbs of lean tissue. I am guessing OP is lower than 18%.

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yes that is me in the profile pic. and those body composition scales are showing my bf at 18%.
anyways, i ll keep your advice in mind and also work on my diet a bit.
thank you sir.

Does the scale just measure through your feet? I don’t think those are very accurate? Do you have visible abs? It would be hard to have visible abs at 18%, unless you had a lot of muscle mass. Big ab muscles will show through better, but at 132, I don’t think that applies.

yes. measured by feet. i hope this picture can help!

I say you are a bit lower than 18%. Closer to 15-16% IMO. Really good lifts IMO for your BW.

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No need to cycle. I would say forget your BF for awhile if it were me and bulk bulk bulk. You need some mass in a bad way. I don’t usually recommend this approach but you seem to be a hard gainer. So … cram the quality food down. Make reasonable goals on your weight gain as in a couple lbs a month. Don’t expect miracles.

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thank you so much for the opinion.
i will do a more reliable check once all this reopens.

anyways, do you have any suggestions to what should i do? any changes in diet or any cycle suggestions?

yes, I am a hard gainer sir.
i tried a 3000cal diet (from 2400cal) for around 6 months which is still in continuation but i have gained only 5 lbs up untill now. as of today, my bw is 137lbs.

Ok so that’s telling us you are active, have a high metabolism, and is simply not enough. For reference that’s about my maintenance, I am 5’7" 200lbs. If I want to bulk I have to eat about 3500cals. So try adding in another 10% and see if you can gain 7-10 over the next six mnths. That would be a nice achievement.

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If you are powerlifting, I would make my next goal to compete in the 148 lb class. You don’t have to fill it out in the first meet, but try to work your way up there. I would think at 5’6" your eventual goal in powerlifting would be to be a 181 lber that is relatively lean. That is probably a couple years away, but something to work towards to.

I have a friend that competes at 165 lbs and he is 5’2" and yolked. Would guess he is around 12% BF. He is even thinking of going up to 181.


i get your point. but i do not wanna compete actually. there is not much of powerlifting scene here in India. the federations are crap. and I own a gym so I am giving it all in that. i wanna gain some mass as to stand out as a gym owner and also to have some heavier lifts than right now.

yes sir, i would definately give it a try. thanks a ton.