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550x10, Need a Critique. STB or Anyone


I was in Jamaica for a week and didnt pull for 2 full. Felt fresh but my hamstrings and form just felt slightly off. My hips feel high and after watching do seem higher then normal.


Looks really solid. Hips are good in my book.

My only preference would be to start dead on each rep (no bounce), though that could depend on your training style/program.

Double-overhand and no wraps? Rockin'.


having just failed at 545, I think 1 is awesome...


I used to pause each rep, then that fixed my issue off the floor, but started having a stick just below knee. So I was told to tap and go. This has worked very effectively for me. I do them both ways still. Depends on feel.


You were very strong there. Hips were coming up s tiny but but that always happens on multiple reps , especially touch and go.

You're a strong guy .


'kicking a bit a sand' there guy......looks good!


why did you speed up the video ?

Amazing pull. What's your most recent max?


Damn, nice lift. That's kind of where I am at 405... repping about 3-5 at 500. Great set, I gotta get working


there, the Youtube one works. Not exactly sure what I did to the first one. It sure as hell wasnt that fast. Look like the roadrunner. Not sure how to fix it or delete it.

I havent maxed in probably a year so I have no idea I guess where my number is.


I bet when you miss, you miss very close to lockout. You shift from midfoot to the ball of your foot once the bar passes your knees. This is causing your heels to pop off the floor when you get close to lockout. As soon as that happens, hamstrings and glutes basically turn off. You only did it when you started getting tired. It is very hard to find form problems with rep work because everyones form goes to shit after 2 reps. Just get your hips set a little lower and keep the weight between your heel and mid foot.

Other than that, very strong stuff, man.


If you aren't already past 7 you should jump in on this thread

Awesome pulling man.


nice pull man...any advice for a guy stuck at 405??


Nice going, keep it up!