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550 LB One Armed Squat


There have been a lot of inspiring training videos floating around on youtube lately but this is awesome.


Man that guys a beast. Watch the video of his power snatch.


1 arm deadlift


Get the fuck out of here.


I would defiantly be the same way I think. To the extent if I ever broke an arm or a leg (knock on wood) I would still hit the gym.


That is wild.


Looks like he hook-gripped that? That shit must have HURT.


He's used to it. He is, after all, a badass.


Wow..he is badass


darn it i was gonna post these later.


Does anyone know how he tore his biceps?


Ok so...

Misha vs. Fedor vs. A bear

Who would win?


Total BAMF.


Will Ferrell on Man vs. Wild


Also another BAMF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kRM1r3WT1w

Keep in mind he is still in his early 20's and it makes it more awesome

P.S. If one person comes in here talking about depth they will be getting a cockmeatsandwhich






From Big Bob?


Probably fighting a Grizzlerine. (grizzly bear wolverine combination.)


Im bob swersky, My broder Bill is out due to a massive heart attack ROFL

someone get the link to the full vid will ya! i cant find it to save my life