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550 Deadlift by May 2019 - Idontbrag's Training & General Fitness Log


Congrats man. What are you gonna call the log now?

Edit nvm saw it lol


Well done Mate.
Congratulations looked almost easy.


@guineapig thx man! Hopefully it’ll be road to 600 sometime soon.

@mortdk haha I assure you it did not feel easy! But I do believe I had another 5-10lbs in the tank.

On another note, I’ll be resetting my cycle of coan-philippi with the goal of 520lbs in 10 weeks using a max of 500. I looked at the program and it calls for a 495 double on week 8 which is pretty intimidating. I won’t have classes during the summer so I should be able to recover slightly better. Barring any injuries I do believe I can complete the cycle.


Nice job man! We hit that on the same day lol

What you weighing in at?


Thanks dude! I weighed 200lbs on the dot.


Everything moved with speed, even the 500, well done.

One week at a time, focus on recovery, trust your process.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot man. I definitely haven’t valued recovery enough. Everyone says recovery is key but I never truly internalized it. It took a 35lb pr after a week of doing nothing to make me finally realize that deloading can work wonders.


Totally can attest to that as well, I didnt hit a heavy deadlift for almost two weeks leading up to my 500 lb pull as well. Didnt even really lift anything heavy for 5 days up to that point to on other lifts.

also, your speed on 500 was pretty incredible. Looks like you had another 10lb in there.


One thing is should mention is that I’ve noticed that low bar seems to strain my low back. The belt helps tremendously. From my competition squat video is there anything off with my form? High bar squatting doesn’t hurt my back at all.


Only a full day after my comp but I was feeling pretty decent, still a little sore. Weights moved really well on deadlifts, had to strap up once I felt my torn callus reopening. Managed to get a lot of volume in. Week 1 of my Coan Phillipi cycle to 520.

Conventional deadlift
2x390 (strapped up here)


Good mornings

Pull-ups 2,4,6,8,6,4,2


At a guess, you’re not bracing properly. It also looks like you’re over extending your lower back a bit as you come up.

Breathe into your belly. Your shoulders and chest shouldn’t move at all. Squeeze into your lower back.


Thanks @MarkKO. Are you saying I should keep a more neutral spine, and i’m over-arching at the moment? I almost have the opposite problem when I deadlift because I tend to round over. Bracing could definitely be an issue though.


Yes and yes. It sounds like bracing is the main issue. If you brace right, your back will be straight. Well, your lower back will be straight and that’s what matters.


Sounds good @MarkKO . I will give it another shot on Wednesday. If possible, I’d greatly appreciate your input on the program I’ve got outlined for this summer. It’s a very rough outline, but here’s the gist of it:

Coan Philipi

OHP (5x5)
Barbell Rows (5x5)
Weighted decline situps
Side+Rear delt raises

Squat (5x3)
Foam Rolling + Stretch

Bench Press (5x3)
Ab rollouts + Plank


Squat (4x2)
OHP (4x8)
Side+Rear delt raises


So as you can see I’d like to try varying the rep schemes depending on the day for the squat and OHP. It will be heavier when the reps are lower, of course. I should be able to recover quite well as I’m completely off for the summer.


I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan. I think I kind of get what you’re trying to do, but IMO it isn’t quite doing it.

First of, drop a day. Four a week is plenty unless you’re doing a real bodybuilding style thing. I’m guessing it’s your total you want to improve, so that should determine how you train and what you train.

Monday or whatever day you do Coan Phillipi takes care of deadlift, so you only need to think about squat and bench.

Look at Prilepin’s chart and base your reps and sets on that. To be safe, use a training max of 90-92.5% of your last meet PRs. Honestly, as long as you’re getting the practice in and recovering it kind of doesn’t matter too much whether you use a progressive scheme or just accumulate fatigue.

One really simple way you could do this is work in three or four week waves: spend a week at 50%, then a week at 60, then 70, then 80. Then deload. Then start again at 52.5%, then 62.5, etc. Or even start again at 50% but increase the volume within Prilepin’s recommendations - assuming you were sensible and in that first wave had your sets and reps set out to meet the minimum effective volume. That way you can milk a ton of progress out of very little change in load, which makes fatigue more manageable. Don’t be afraid to do the occasional high rep set or max reps set in there. The main thing is accumulating volume and fatigue, and then recovering. Manipulate rests between sets as well to allow even more ways to accumulate fatigue without overly taxing your body with load.

So, with that in mind, take a day for squat and a day for bench. To be extra smart, if squat is in the 70-80% range, put bench in the 50 or 60 range and vice versa.

When you squat, squat. Then do some other kind of squat with the same or less load. Again, it kind of doesn’t matter what at long as you cover all the angles: paused, no lockout, wider stance, narrower stance, front, higher or lower bar, etc. Do a different one each week. Try to keep the reps higher for these (five to 10) for two or three sets.

The same applies for bench. For that second exercise go wider grip, close grip, paused, board press, Spoto, sometimes incline, etc. Same deal, two to four sets of five to 10.

Next come two to six or so assistance exercises for one to five sets of 8-25 reps. When you’ve done your first two with heavier loads, you do fewer assistance exercises and they’ll generally be smaller ones. When your first two exercises were lighter, you do more and slightly heavier assistance. Rotate these as well, based on how taxing they are. You’ll genrall have more assistance exercises on bench day compared to squat regardless of squat or bench load.

Some should be included often (one to three times a week) with the loads, reps and sets rotating but the exercises remaining the same: back extensions, goblet squats, DB rows, dips

Some should be rotated more, maybe appearing for one or two weeks, then not for two to four weeks, and generally only appearing once a week when they are used: DB lunges, barbell rows, DB military press, lat pulldowns, pull-ups, inverted rows, DB tricep extensions, push-ups, lateral raises, rear delt flys, leg raises, sit-ups, crunches

Others will only make periodic appearances: good mornings, pullovers, standing tricep extensions, military press (seated and standing), Pendlay rows, diamond push-ups, bench dips, hamstring curls, DB bench press

The fourth day is your assistance day. You can arrange it so one week is a purely bench assistance day and one week a full body day.

For bench focused assistance days, start with a bench variation for two or three sets of higher reps (10-25), then follow up with five or six more assistance exercises. The last one will be for abs. The other four or five can be picked as you like from the list. Try focusing on one element of the bench (pecs or triceps) for half and some rowing for half.

For full body assistance days, pick four squat assistance exercises and four bench assistance exercises. Do the four squat ones, then the bench ones. Try to include two rows again.


This is honestly some of the best advice given on the site. Take it to heart brother and keep grinding away.


@MarkKO is one of the best to explain what and how to do your training. Really sound adwise and I’ll take it with me along the way, if and when I stray from Jim’s stuff.

About bracing, I’m NOT the guy to go to, because I can’t brace properly.
BUT on another log @FlatsFarmer put up a video explaining how to brace so Flats could you put up here. I don’t recall the log, otherwise I would have pointed in that direction.


Reed, big squatter from T Nation.


@MarkKO thank you very much for the thorough reply. I really appreciate it. I’ve looked up prilepin charts and watched a couple of videos by garret blevins on designing microcycles just now. Back to the drawing board.

@mortdk appreciate the help as usual man!

@FlatsFarmer yea i am definitely over-extending my back after watching the video. going to work on that next squat workout. thanks!


I think @MarkKO’s in-depth post made me realize that I’m far better off using the template of tested and proven programs rather than attempting to design my own. I simply do not have the experience or knowledge to design my own program at this point. My goals center primarily around overall strength, but definitely aesthetics as well. I felt that 531 fit perfectly with what I wanted to do. Most importantly, it looks like a program that I would enjoy doing. The only modification that I’ve made is that I’ve swapped out the deadlift day for the coan philippi routine that I’m doing. I’m pretty darn excited to get started!