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55 YO on Normal HRT, Natural Program?

Need some advice ,I’m a 55 year old male have been on HRT for about 5 years, lifting
for 10yrs last 5 very consistent . Weight 195 Height 6 ft bodyfat 15%-18%,average strength Squat:345,Bench:250,DL:385,OHP:180.

I keep my T levels between 850-1100 . I have been doing a pretty routine bodybuilding split with occasional bouts of lower rep strength work ,I read your recent article on workout plan for naturals and have been giving it a try. My first impression is its not nearly enough volume for me . Should I give it more time, which leads me to the greater question of with my T levels where I previously stated ,should I workout as a natural or a juicer??? Can you help an old man out?

You keep your t level at 850-1100?
How? Natural?

Hormone replacement therapy HRT,bio identical testosterone under a Dr care, 1100 is considered the top end of a normal or optimal level of testosterone, my question is should I follow programs that are clearly designed by and for juiced lifters whose t levels are probably much higher or follow a program more suited for natural lifters

Train like natural lifter , with special consideration of joints, even if you enhance trt at 55 train like natural bodybuilder. You will make your peers pissed, and jealous. You need to make several adjustments to training as you age.

Trying to go in that direction but the lack of daily volume in CT’s resent " best program for natural lifters " is troubling me, I’m scared of spending a month on this program only to regress from where I am

I doubt CTs newest program for naturals will fail you. Just remember the program is a template. Start with the template for a month and if you feel that the volume is too low then add an exercise or sets and keep going.

The biggest point with that workout and article is that most of us have been doing too much volume and too little frequency. The more energy required during a workout, the greater the chances you use stored glycogen for fuel. If that happens then cortisol is released to get the fuel from storage. Cortisol stops protein synthesis. Longer workout, more glycogen needed, more cortisol, less protein synthesis.

Short workouts done more often result in stimulating protein synthesis more often and keeps cortisol levels down.

Trust the science and give it a shot. I’m 32 and I’m starting next week.

I want to say that “enhanced” individual can get away with more or less than optimal training. But it doesn’t mean that it’s the best way to train. More and more enhanced bodybuilders are moving toward the more intensity/frequency and less volume approach.