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55 Years Old, World Masters BJJ in 132 Days

2xBW deadlift, 1.6x squat, 1.4x bench, .86x press. 160lbs, 55 years old, if I eat too much I won’t make weight. All skills being equal, strength will win the match. Probably 14%bf so I can trade some fat for muscle. Doing 531BBB. Anything I can do to accelerate for the match?

Switch to this…

then this…

fullbody nature of them should lean you out a little also

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I would change to another template as Badger suggested. BBB is primarily for mass gain IIRC.

What are you doing for conditioning?

I’m doing Jiu jitsu for conditioning. About 10 hrs a week. I ride my bike to work. That’s it.