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55% Carbs,15% Protein, 30% Fat


What is the point in this? It has been given to me by a soccer coach.


Your soccer coach is retarded.


because you are training for soccer and not bodybuilding. that resembles closer to a distance runners diet than a bbing diet.


It's a crappy diet no matter what sport. If he had gone with 55/30/15 (fat being the 15) then it might be more applicable, fact is that even endurance runners need more protein than that.


he wants to turn you into the pre-pubescent boy of his fantises


My post was edited for some reason. I posted a link to a runners website and it gave very similar diet to the one the OP posted and explained why they do that. I know nothing about distance runners diets or soccer diets but I can imagine why they would need a ton of carbs.


Having a ton of carbs is one thing, having a ton of carbs and fat and minimal protein levels is another. I deal with endurance athletes every day and their nutrition.


I found a 40/40/20 P/C/F pretty effective when I played.