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545 lb Deadlift at 18


Guy I've been lifting with for about 9 months started training his deadlift again a month or so ago, hit 545 fairly easy today, no straps. He's sitting at around 235 or so.


Great strength.....form could use some work.


Why post a video of a dude you train with that isn't using any ridiculous weight (like the 18 year old who hook gripped 725 in another thread)?

That being said guy hitched it pretty bad as BlueCollar said definitely needs some form work and he'll be pulling some bigger numbers for sure.




If you're talking about Hulk, make that 800.


Yeah, Hulk is incredible.

Yes this guy's form needs work, but remember we only started pulling a month ago. Its virtually impossible to lift heavy during rugby season. He's gone from 460 to 545 in that month. Also remember we live in New Mexico, so the level of competition here lifting wise is drastically different than in other states.

Once he works on the form (the initial movement is pretty bad, but honestly as far as the hitching goes he really isn't hitching that bad and I think the camera angle makes it look worse) and puts in a full summer of pulling he should be hitting 600, easy.

And he doesn't take any gear or ph's so he's as natural as anyone else who takes whey and creatine.


A hitch is up and down movement of the bar. There wasn't any of that I saw. You're talking about ramping or supporting, which is bending back and riding the bar up your thighs. It looked like he could have made the lift without doing that. A lot of people do it because they don't know any better. (It's really only a problem in PL though. It's usually just fine in strongman.) He's also starting with too much of his body out in front of the bar. He needs to sit back some and get his hips a little deeper before he starts the lift.


he uses whey and creatinz? thats not natural.


Fact of the matter is that itt wouldn't pass in any federation I know of. This was posted in the powerlifting forum, not the strongman forum. I'm pretty sure all of us know that it's not about the form in strongman more so the completion any which way, not a bad thing per say just a different set of rules.


You can lift heavy during rugby, I did it through 3 years of rugby. Who cares about the level of competition? I live in GA where in a lot of federations I out deadlift most people in my weight class by 200 lbs and a lot of people in the next 2-3 weight classes so there isn't much competition here, or a lot of places in the South. Again I'm just not sure why you bothered posting this here? You've come here, posted a deadlift video of a training partner that is simply nothing special and then seemingly made a lot of excuses of why he isn't pulling more yet. These type of posts belong in the drama hall of bodybuilding forum or beginners forum.


LOL way to represent your state, I will refrain from referring to various lifters at my gym here who would laugh at youre assertion of superiority.

What does it matter if he is natural or not? Its a non issue.

To prevent butt hurt - all of the above is in good fun, this the powerlifting forum after all


Jim's right, it's a ramp not a hitch. It also would not have passed in a meet.


545LB lifted by an 18 year old not on the roids is an impressive lift. Yeah, the form sucks, he needs more hamstring flexibility so he can keep his shins vertical.

This is the powerlifting forum, it's a video of a dead lift. Why not give some constructive feed back so the guy can work on his technique?

Its not like its a video of a guy burning the American flag dressed up as Bin Laden.

Who here was that strong aged 18?


Probably a few people. Again if it was his own lift and he was asking for critique then that'd be a-ok in my book. As it is now it's like he's trying to show off his buds accomplishments (which sure for an 18 year old aren't bad, but nothing just OMG WTF level). Again if it was his own lift I'd give some CC, but this is just clutter in my opinion.


If the implication here is that I'm placing this up here to somehow leech off of him that's not the case. I'm strong myself, and I posted a video of my bench up here if you care to find it when I was substantially weaker and my form was far worse.

I put the video up because Imo 545 is a decent lift for a natural 18 year old sitting at under 240 pounds. And does every video on here have an 18 year old double overhanding 900? No.

And dixie, as far as my state goes... im not from New Mexico. I just live here. Im a Missouri boy at heart, and trust me we got some big farm boy lifters out there.

Also LM, Im confused as to why an intermediate lifter such as yourself is so critical of others?


From Missouri?.....oh lord.


Haha, you live close enough to know.


Critical of this being in this forum. Again to me it just came off as a waste of space here and nothing to really be like "oh wow" since it wasn't you, and since you weren't asking for a critique in the OP for your bud. This type of posting generally doesn't happen in the PL forum and because of it the quality of posting stays higher then in the LolBodybuildingLol forum.

Me being a lifter of a certain level has absolutely nothing to do with me being critical. Again I would have had no issue with it from the start had there been a point to it such as asking for a critique or had it been you posting a video of yourself saying "hey I'm proud of this lift I just hit".


Is it supposed to be a form critique video? It just came off as a "My bro at the gym is uber jacked". If it is a form video hip and hamstring flexibility are paramount to getting a better pull, his upper back is probably weak as well or he just isn't used to getting it tight or both. Snatch Grip Rack pulls are awesome for teaching upper back tightness and adding strength and size and hip and hamstring flexibility have a myriad of cures which are often subjectively effective. Stretching helps though and being an 18 year old male bigger athlete he probably isn't stretching as much as is necessary or has weak or inactive hamstrings or glutes there are a lot of possible culprits in bad deadlift form. Good luck to him on getting the pull up, your buddy he has some natural power but 545 is nothing like a laurel to rest on.

I was stronger than that at 18 and that was after a hell of a rough trip through injury and illness and I didn't think it was special then and certainly not now, it's not bad by any means but normally when people post a deadlift for inspirational purposes it's something unearthly, generally the product of ludicrous levers/power and/or a hell of a lot of hard work and the responses are reflecting the lack of that.


you have a bad lift today or something? I know you can DL 545 so I won't tell you to go take a vid of yourself doing it before you talk shit, but your attitude is unwarranted. Yes, the OP could have asked for some critique- because i guess you can post yourself jerking off as long as you want a critique of your form. Sure, it was sloppy form and he ramped it and it wasnt even the OP, but it's a good lift for a teen. I have enjoyed every post you have written on here until this thread. Give credit where it's due and get the 2-board out of your butt.