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54321 666321 Rep Schemes

Hi coach

With the rep schemes 54321 666333 666321 what percentage are you roughly working from?

I’ve always assumed with say 54321 the 1 is meant to finish around the 90-95% of Max mark? And do you increase weight from set to set by % or feel? Is each increase the same or can you make bigger jumps depending on how a set feels?

Same question for the 666333 and 666321 schemes which I enjoy.

Thank you CT

I’ve just concluded a phase of 5/4/3/2/1 and like you mentioned my last set is about 95% of my max and I plan the other sets “by ear”. The 3/2/1 are the heavy sets… 5 and 4 are on the conservative side even if that means making a bigger jump from 4 to 3 than from 5 to 4.

It might look like this:
405 x 5
425 x 4
465 x 3
485 x 2
505 x 1

6/6/6/3/2/1 is similar in that the sets of 3/2/1 are the heavy sets, the sets of 6 are conservative. They would use around 70-75% depending on the lift.