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540 2 Count Pause Bench


Getting ready for the uspa nats in july. Goal is 600. I'm a junior and set the record nationally but it wasn't official because I wanted to compete in the open, amateur move on my part i suppose.


sorry guys no idea why that is sped up


Great bench! So fast hahaha

What weight class? Full power?


I'm hoping to be in the 275 but if I come in over it'll have to be the 308's. And this one is just push pull, I had my knee reconstructed so I'm tryin to decide if I'll ever compete in full again.


World's fastest 2 count. Nice bench.


it is possible my friend, had the same thing just made sure i hammered mobility especially upstream and downstream.

Buy yourself BASL, it's worth it's weight in gold


damn nice bench. max out next week to see if i hit 500 raw.


yea i know its quick, its the version on my computer, idk why its sped up


It's T-Nation, not you. Try uploading it to YouTube and posting the link here.


LOL! I was gonna mention something about the "two" count.

Either way, nice fuckin bench dude! Be careful of your foot, though. You can see your right foot slide as you press. I don't know about your federation specifically, but some will red light you for foot movement. If it's an issue, bench in some old sneakers and put a little tacky/pine tar/3M spray glue on the bottom of the shoes and it won't be a problem anymore haha.

But seriously, that's a beastly bench. Care to share some training insight? Do you squat and DL too?


That shoe idea is solid man im going to have to try it. Honestly about training, I've switched up the "supplements" I take and when and I really work hard at it, I want to be the youngest lifter internationally to hit 600 but the main thing I changed is where I lift. I live in az and down in Mesa the coach I have is an oly coach and that big chick on the side is Sarah Robles who's the strongest women in America so I've really got a great team.

From what I've learned from the guy what really made my bench explode is the cycle of training I go thru. So for example the nats in July I've been training for since feb and the training progression was/is

Feb 10th-March 21: warm ups to 405 then 405x12 455x5 and 485-7 with 30 secs of break in between obvi towards the end unless your just on fire youre gonna need help. Some people think its gay to force rep and to each his own but I personally really think it helps.

March 21-April 22: warm ups to 405, I just always do that then 455x2 485 x2 500x2 515x2 then drop to 405 til whatever you got. Long breaks in between just don't be an idiot lol and take all the time in the world just get your wind back then 315 4 setsx8

April 22-now is: 315x20 for two sets then up to 530x1 and 540x1 then reverse grip drop sets to 225.

Hope this helps out anyone whos looking to swtich it up, any more questions ask away I don't claim to be an expert but my coach is so its good stuff haha


Forced reps are the ony way to completely tax the muscle... You said youngest to bench 600? What is the record for that?? How old are you?


I think the youngest is 29 or thereabouts don't remember off the top of my head. And I'm 23


wow! I had a buddy doing 550 in college but got into bodybuilding... I'm 26 myself but a LONG way from 600 LOL


Its just a lot of work lol. I honestly am thinking about hanging it up lol after the arnold because idk where to go after hitting 600, to really move into the super elite category is like a full time job. I can keep putting up training vids if anyones interested.


Yea I bet it is... I train but my sport of choice is football and I'm not near an elite level at that... Right now y goal is more weight loss than strength but so far I am doing both at once... yea man I'm sure I wont be the only one to check on the video's... do you have a training log?


Great benching, BoN.