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54 Year Old, Natural BB Comp Photos


Here are some photos from my recent natural BB comp in Tucson. I'm in the middle. I'm 6'2", and weighed around 206 for the comp- down from 223 a few months before.


side chest.


side triceps


abs and quads. I'm a little bigger around the waist than I had hoped.


rear double biceps. Doesn't look too great to me. Either not a good photo, or not such a good back!


variation on front double biceps.


Well done, bro. how'd you place.

I;m not a fan of your variation on the front dub bi with YOUR structure (tall, not filled out). I'd prefer if you flared the lats first, rested your upper arm on the "shelf" and then flexed the bis.


Thanks- I came in 3rd out of the 5. The guy to my left came in first- he wasn't very big, but was amazingly cut. I did a number of variation on the double bi in the evening show- this was one that I thought showed by quads well. My chest is my weakest part overall.


Very impressive. Seriously, I wish most of the youngin's on here who post their pics fishing for compliments looked half as good.



When I am 54 I hope to look this good. No joke. Congrats on third, bust your butt and bring home number 1!


math fail?


fixed it. it was supposed to be "number 1!"


I could see myself running around with 2 finger in the air yelling "Yay, I'm number 11!". Thanks for the compliments.


nice job! guys like you are the reason I keep going.The let me know I do have a lot of good years of training to go and that is really cool


considering you look better now than I did at your age, I'm sure you'll look even better at my age!






For the last year or so I have been doing EDT, where I do supersets for 15 minutes of alternating 5 rep sets. So I can't really say how much I lift. I try and do mostly large compound lifts, with occasional isolation stuff.


here's another photo- shows more arm definition. I guess I was blinking, or maybe I fell asleep...


Damn. Looks like you're working hard and it's paying off.