54 y/o 6’5” 250lbs

Life long lifter, but re-engaged more seriously 2.5 years ago. 140 mg TRT is my only chemical supplementation. Withered left arm and low right leg due to spinal injuries can’t be helped. Looking for constructive criticism to help create a balanced strong look that defies age categories. In other words where am I lacking?

diet down your mid-section without losing your upper body. do squats to build your thighs up. otherwise you are fine. Being tall is hard. We can hide more fat, but it is harder to look muscular.

Right now you look like a swimmer who lifts. And you don’t look like you are 250. Maybe 225-230.

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I appreciate the evaluation. A swimmer that lifts - Harsh, but true I suppose. 39 years at this and still just a swimmer. Dieting without losing muscle is sort of the unicorn of fitness. I’m up for the challenge, though, and am increasing the cardio for a harder look. I need to improve the quality of what eat for sure without cutting calories. As you point out even at 250+ I look small.

I truly believe people lose virtually no muscle on a cut until they are nearing single digit body fat, if the cut is done correctly. You won’t lose muscle, you’ll just find out how much muscle you really have under the padding. By the way, you look great, better than the vast majority of 50-something year olds, so just keep at it.

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Small compared to who? You look more muscular than 99.9% of 50 year olds and probably 90% of 20 year olds.


Hey, thanks. You’re probably right about when muscle starts getting consumed on a proper cut. I will strive to get down to the 12% range. Much less is probably beyond my sustainable lifestyle parameters. I’m obviously never going to compete, but I would like to look like an old guy who once did.

Thanks a lot. The first comments saying I looked like a “swimmer who lifts” and “more like 225-230” had me doubting myself a bit.

The only thing you’re lacking, is hair on your legs.

But seriously, you look great for your age.

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Swimmers have good bodies. Just not bodybuilder style good

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Ha. I’m busted. I deserved that. Thanks for the compliment, though.

Very true. Nothing against swimmers at all. I just spend about 100x more time in the gym than the pool. Just shows how difficult it is to overcome your genetics.

I wasn’t being mean. I’m 6’5" and you don’t look much bigger than me. So it is hard for me to believe you are 30 lbs heavier than me.

However, you look like a muscled up swimmer. I’ve been around a lot of swimmers, so I don’t know what your perception of them are. If all you know is a Michael Phelps type, that is not what I meant.

You are extra tall, it will be difficult for you to fill out with muscles. Which is why you don’t see professional bodybuilders over 6’ very often.

You’re right that it’s very difficult to look really huge at 77”. To actually do it would require something north of 275lbs IMO. That’s just more weight than I personally am willing to carry. I’m pretty sure my heart or lungs wouldn’t be happy about it either. Plus I just can’t eat enough to sustain that kind of size. The challenge is to make 250 look more impressive.

And very few people can guess my weight. They always guess light. Not sure where I hide it. Maybe it’s in my overinflated sense of self.

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Ha ha about hair on my legs, I can’t laugh :smile: