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54 This Year and Looking for a Program


Anyone in my age category found a program that has worked for them. I know the best program is the one you can stick to but I figure at my age I need to adjust volume and less variations of movements.

I did lots of your basic gym rat stuff for years with all the machines but want this to be a bit more focused on barbell movements of DL, Squat, Bench and Press. Right now I do warmup and one movement and only that movement for the day. I do one day of more intensity stuff like farmers walks.

I use my own plan of 3,4,5 meaning I do week one 3/3/3, week 2 4/4/4, week 3 5/5/5 with 25 rep warm up in sets of 5 and than the work being up to 100 reps with steps of 5-10 pounds per weight starting at 60% - 80-85% of 1RM. Than week 4 check 1RM on the lifts. The lifts do not all fall on the same week for checking 1RM usually.

Been working pretty well for me but my squat just seems so week compared to my other lifts. Granted I did not do these lifts younger so learning and need to build motor patterns and my own style but just looking at alternatives.



Hey John, with what you are looking to focus on it sounds like 5/3/1 would be up your alley, tons of good articles on it on this website


Thank you Sir. I have heard about it and saw a sample of it somewhere online but if I remember it is set in a way like 5x5 where you keep adding 5lbs per lift each week or time. Is that the case?

Honestly at my age I am believe more volume and than a testing may work better. Not sure the constant up the weight will work as well. Are there any programs more geared that way or I am wrong about the 5/3/1.



Very flexible template, can adjust for volume and intensity and reset weights as needed.
I would suggest purchasing the most recent book. It will answer most questions and give some good advice that you can tailor towards your goals.
I’m 60 and have been using it for over 6 years. Lots of options.

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No it is not.

could be, because allot of the info you see online away from this site is not very accurate regarding it.

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This might be a form issue rather than a programming one.

I wouldn’t do a true 1RM every 4 weeks btw, that’s not helping you. A solid single (think about 85-90%) on a deload week is a solid strategy though.

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Sounds like a good read. Can you buy digital on this site?


Not surprised about the bad info out there. I have heard 5/3/1 mentioned often, time to take a look.

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Honestly I really feel only in the last couple of months have I really developed a form I feel good about in terms of hitting depth and feeling tight. I am really tough on myself with depth. I do not hit it than I will not go any further. Honestly watching too many videos made it worse till I saw Coan video with Bell and Matt of Juggernaut with Bell and I seem to have made one.

While I have gone to the gym for years with a long break in between for career, as a youth, garage, bench, bench, bench, we knew nothing else. In my late 30s, all machines and got pretty good physique wise and found this site and saw this exercise called the deadlift, had no clue of how to do it, looked easy enough and my trainer was dead against it but I got to 315 which to me at that time thought was a big deal and now I see HS cheerleaders doing 4 plates. Had an injury with lower back outside gym, prp fixed me up and than got back into it but only last 6 mos decided to go for strength so long story short, I am still learning a form or technique.

My DL is 355 right now but I see that has room, my bench is up to 215 and that I see has room, my MPress is 160 and has room but my squat is 215, I do not do 1RM every 4 weeks but after my week of 5s, I than will next week just see if I can do even just 5 pounds more the month before so I can set the next month of lifts. If not I go back and stay with same numbers. It is just relative my squat number is so much less than my other lifts and wonder where in the chain I am weak. I took every accessory exercise and stuff I used to do or found on web out. Like Tate said, why are you doing it? If you do not have a reason, take it out.



Purchased and downloaded the book for the next few weeks will continue with what I am doing while I read it. Have a trip coming up and when back can implement it. Read first chapter and sounds pretty good so far.

Thanks guys