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5'4" or Shorter?


Hi iam 5.3 male 128 14%BF
Been training on and off for 1.5 years learning and stumping along the way.
I am on a carb cycling diet eathing on heavy training days 2,300 cals
I train somewhere along CWs lines
I would like to exchange ideas with ppl around my height. Its kind of weird extrapolating numbers with people heavier and taller than I.

P.S. this is my first post. Iam 33 yrs


Well, I never thought I'd be excluded from a post that is looking to talk with people from the shorter end of the spectrum, but I'll post anyway :wink:

I'm 5'5" and between 187-190 lbs. I was much fatter a couple years ago, but before that I was a thin 148lbs.

After gaining about 30lbs of fat, while losing muscle (about a year and a half after being 148), I got sick of my body and started making some changes.

I gained up to a fat 180lbs before I started lifting again (while losing muscle weight), then dropped back down to aroung 160, and have been steadily gaining ever since (about 1.5 years now).

I got into powerlifting again and have been making some good progress, but have yet to get into another meet since 3.5 years ago.


hey SWR

how is your diet?


Well, delurking mode on.

I'm 5'-4" and I am currently 157 (BF between 13-15%) up from 130 skinny fat 6 yrs ago. I spent a couple of years at 145 and then began using Carbolin 19. My main activity is scuba diving. I just want to look good both naked and in a wetsuit. I prefer full body workouts 2-3/week with a low volume approach (HST)and different reps thru the week. Also I have a desk job (Infernal Auditor) so I try to get some cardio during the week. I workout at home. I want to get stronger, my initial goal was to improve carrying the tank on my back on a rocking boat and manage better air comsumption. Done. Now.. just keep getting stronger and get down to 10% BF. Wait till PX reads this...LOL(the lean part).
BTW I'll be 40 in November.

Back to my Caribbean cave...


It's a lot better than it was, but it's still not the best.

I just bought John Berardi's Precision Nutrition, so I'm sure it will get better.

I'm eating between 180-220(ish) grams of protein a day, and have been getting between 250-320 grams of carbs, with about 90-100g of fat.

My diet is "clean" for the most part, but occasionally I have cheat meals that sometimes go overboard, and I usually have them about twice a week (more often than I'd like).

Here's a link to my diet on Fitday.com:


I haven't updated it in a while, and I didn't seperate the foods into meals; I would just add to a food if I ate it more than once...


I'm going to break the rules too: I'm also around 5'5".

My weight has been hovering around 195-200 lbs depending on whether or not I didn't eat that well during the day (followed by a gigantic dump). :slight_smile:

I'm lucky; I'm pretty lean (well, for me at least). The last time I used one of those caliper deals, I calculated out 10 to 12% bodyfat. Hmm. After writing that, maybe I am getting a little pudgy in my old age! Ha ha.


I recently posted my pic for advice and input. Here's a link, http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=959473 ,(I hope it works-I don't usually post).

I am only 5'3" and I weigh ~165lbs. I do mostly Waterbury method for a month and the 3x10 for about a month.

I try to eat about 6 meals a day using JB plan. It works out to around 200g Protein, carb cycle from 160 to 320, and about 100g Fat.

I cheat sometimes but I am not in cut mode so I don't care too much.

I hope this helps; if you want more info or anything let me know.

BTW, when I first started working out I was probably less than 120 lbs (can't really remember) and I was a runt and a weakling. I couldn't even bench 80 lbs on a Nautilus bench press machine- that was pathetic.



I am 5'5" and about 155. How have some of you been able to carry so much weight on your smaller frame. Everytime I have gotten above 160 I have gained too much fat and being so short it is easily noticed.

Just wondering what steps some of you took to gain that weight without looking fat.



Smurfette's been hanging around Baker Smurf and Hefty a tad too long.

OK, I'm done.


I'm 5'4" about 185 12%BF last time I was measured. I'm a powerlifter. It's really easy for me to gain fat so I really have to watch my nutrition. I eat carbs in the mourning and after a workout than it's protien and good fats the rest of the day. Doesn't sound like you have to worry about gaining too much fat though.

I've done mostly Waterbury programs with a lot of success. I was 230 at my heaviest with a 40" waist. Doctors told me that my blood pressure was terrible. Took that as a wake up call. Lost a bunch and got down to 155, and now I'm about 185. My advice to you is to just lift and eat alot. Long live short people. Someone once told me that being short is good because your dick hangs closer to the ground.


Well, I am 5'3'' and about 145. Still bulking, and hoping to get to about 155 or so. For now I will be competing in MMA, so I do not want to get much above that, as anything above the 135 weight class would put me at a huge height disadvantage (moreso than already).

Essentially, there are two ways to go about gaining weight. Spend a long time slowly adding mass while paying attention to your diet attempting to gain leanly. This is likely to fail. Or, you gain weight with some fat gain, then slowly maintain that weight while improving body composition.

That is what I would reccomend.



I'm 5'5"

I used to weigh a sick 230 which at my height was just disgusting...I then started running my ass off and got down to 169...Then got off the cardio and hit the weights hard and I'm now back up to about 195 or so. I'm benching 340, squatting 400...Looking to enter my first bench comp on 3-25-06 up in Denver.


Well Im just a bit taller, 5'5".25 on a good day. Im probally about 15% bodyfat at the moment at 183ish, about 3 years ago I was 185ish at 9ish bodyfat but since then Ive been injured for almost the entire time. I tore muscles in my upperback that was misdiagnosed and I screwed around with that for months that dragged into years and then with the weight(fat) that I put on during that time I really messed up the left knee and finally Ive got both injuries under control through self myo fasical release and trigger point therapy.

I am currently getting back into the swing of things with OVT( I like to do the full 5X5, 5X5 superset pairing of chest/back for example but split the training sessions into 2 for the day) and am experimenting with bands on the secondary exercise. [I have recently read some old Telle article talking about TUT is worthless, it is the "maxium" TUT in the "optimal" zone, ie hooking up bands that are 45 degrees out on a dumbell fly so that you get maxial loading through the entire strenght curve and dont deload at the top.]

End of soapbox, just though I would share. Anyhow I hope to be pleased enough with my results to post some pics after this OVT cycle. For legs I plan on doing 20 rep squats 2 times a week(I can finally squat with weight after not being able to do a bodyweight squat for over a year and half and its all due to deep tissue massage).


Ignore Prof X's Smurf jokes...he's in a 'boyish' mood, from his other thread.

I am 6'6", and 287. I can't even imagine how to train as a smaller guy would. I'd probably squat like a mf'er and eat a lot.

Do others try to intimidate you, because of your size? Lift heavy and surprise them by beating the shit out of 'em. Then, they're humiliated by being crushed by a smaller dude. Sounds like fun actually!



I am 5'4" and 173 pounds. I compete in powerlifting as a 165. I started in the 132 pound class 9 years ago.



Hey, at 195 is a 340 bench even something worth bothering to competing with?


Hey, this thread was a good idea.

I didn't know there were that many of "us" around here.

We kick ass! (or maybe, shins)

I think more of you should post pictures. And more posts in general.

Just out of curiosity of what other people of my height look like at different weights.

[Rant] For any inexperienced shorter lifter; once you work hard at getting your strength up, and people find out you have a relatively good bench, tall people will say it's because you're short, or have short limbs, no matter how much hard work you put into it. [/Rant]


I'd say yes, definitely. Especially if it's a RAW bench.

Even if your max was lower, you should get into meets for the experience.

If you plan on using a shirt, you should definitely practice in it for a while first. Maybe about 8-10 weeks.


I agree with SWR. If that is raw then you should be at least 400 w/ a good shirt.