531 without OHP, Is It Bastardised?

I’m in a training rut due to being unable to do overhead pressing, the rut is that I know overhead pressing is important and is part of all popular strength routines such as 531 for example, but due to physical and disability reasons I cant overhead press.

The only option i have, especially with working out at home and not having the luxury of alot of equipment is to just focus on bench, deadlift and squat.

Is there anyone else here that doesn’t overhead press and just focuses on the big 3?

Monday - squat
531 squat
Bbb squat

Bbb bench
Lat Work (rows or pulldown - alternate)

Bbb deadlift

What you think?

Feeling bummed out

Not the end of the world at all. I had a good set of shoulders in my 20s and at that time, I never did any type of overhead pressing, only laterals and upright rows.
Focus in what you can do. Can you do inclines, even low inclines?

Due to low ceilings inclines arnt good lol so I hope either floor Press or just doing big 3 suffices

I dont get it. You can squat but cant do an incline bench because of low ceiling? So your incline bench is higher than you standing up with a barbell??


Thanks for posting this thread.

I too have been looking into 5/3/1 without the OHP (combination of lack of shoulder mobility/ health) and thinking of replacing it with Incline pressing so very keen to see what people are saying

This is fine. Its almost exactly like Krypteia from Forever. If it were me I would add push/pull assistance to every workout as well

That’s exactly what I do and it works fine. Hell, you can even do low incline if your shoulders are too beat up. Not singling you out with this, but people should focus on what they can do instead of worrying about what they can’t.


I have low ceilings so I do my OHP outside. If shoulders bad have tried a Swiss Bar?