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531 with Shoulder Shocker?

Hey all! I’m setting up my next few cycles of training, and I fancy going back to Boring but Big once more. I have a shoulder issue, and can’t do overhead pressing. (A genuine shoulder issue… not just avoiding hard work) I do something like a floor press or incline bench instead of the press day. Just wondering about the 5 x 50% work - I have had good results from using DeFrancos shoulder shocker complex as my shoulder assistance work, and I’d like to stick with it. Is there a logical way of using that in a BBB template? Or I could run 3 BBB days with the press day having a different template incorporating the shoulder shocker?

Also, do you guys know if 531 forever ships to Britain? Must get it, the reviews are great!

Also, just a word of thanks to Jim and everyone on here for the program and your help. I’ve been competing in para bench-only powerlifting, and I’ve won a few, set some records etc. Couldn’t have done it without this program. I did make a few modifications in the pre-meet periods to facilitate a disability, but I’m going back to the classic templates now for the off season. Got to put some meat on my bones and go up a weight category.

I have no idea what a shoulder shocker is or how it works - I assume it’s a piece of equipment? If so, then use it as assistance unless you would qualify it as supplemental. From there, all you have to to is ask yourself if the exercise if the movement fits within the training program you are doing - follow the basic assistance work guidelines.

We have shipped the Forever book all over the world. Thanks for the support!