531 Virgin...

Just got back into lifting weights in May '10 after not doing it for over ten years. My buddy got me hooked on powerlifting. Dropped 35lbs to a “conservative” 220 (5’8"). Been powerlifting on and off for the past six months learning technique. I am about to turn 35 in December. Here’s where I am w/ the core lifts:

375 squat
275 bench
350 deadlift

Read about 531 and found it interesting so I’m giving it a try. Using the Triumverate method for a while for accessory work. Just trying to get stronger and learning to be patient and gain slowly. Goals are to drop to around 200lbs if possible and get the bench to 300+ and DL/SQ to 400+.

Week 1
Bench - 155x5 185x5 205x10.
Press - 75x5 85x5 95x12
Squat - 205x5 245x5 275x7
Deadlift - 185x5 225x5 255x5

Week 2
Bench - 165x3 195x3 225x3 245x1 265x1 - tried a few singles for the heck of it.
Press - 85x3 95x3 105x10
Squat - 225x3 265x3 305x6
Deadlift - 205x3 245x3 275x4

Back in the saddle again

Awesome gap between updates haha. How are your maxes looking after your ghost years?

[quote]panzerfaust wrote:
Awesome gap between updates haha. How are your maxes looking after your ghost years?

Squat was up to 405x2 but had some physical issues w/ it so quit doing it for a while and did some 1-2" high box squatting (hit 455). Just started getting back into full range free squat here the past couple of weeks.

Bench has been good. 360 in the gym and 352 at my last competition in Dec 2013. I’ve done 405 w/ a slingshot on couple of occasions.

Deadlift was in a similar boat w/ the squat but not as severe. Only trained the deadlift for three weeks prior to the Dec 2013 meet and didn’t go any higher than 385 for a single. Pulled 451 at the meet and had an easy 474 in me if not 495 - but my goal was to hopefully pull 450 since I hadn’t trained it very much and had no idea what I could do.

I kept a log over on 100% RAW website. Really could only bench for the longest time so the deads and squat suffered but I am better now and hopefully will be seeing vast improvement. Nothing really to brag about, but making gains in what I can while I can.

Haven’t posted here in over three years. I hope to start posting more often.

Sunday 2-16-14 : Bench press - worked up to 285x11
Monday 2-17-14 : Squat - worked up to 290x8
Wednesday 2-19-14 : Bench press - worked up to 285x3 then FSL 225x20
Friday 2-21-14 : Deadlift - worked up to 340x10

Sunday 2-23-14 : Slingshot bench - worked up to 325x10
Monday 2-24-14 : Squat - worked up to 275x12
Wednesday 2-26-14 : Bench - worked up to 270x12
Friday 2-28-14 : DL - worked up to 320x10

3-2-14 Sun slingshot bench 310x10
3-3-14 Mon squat 305x8
3-5-14 Wed bench 300x6
3-7-14 Fri deads 360x8

Sick w/ a cold all week. Felt better Thursday and almost completely good by Friday.

Short little vid of Friday’s pulling. Tried out my new Spud Inc belt.

3-9-14 Sunday slingshot 345x6
3-10-14 Monday squat 300x3 375x1
3-12-14 Wednesday bench 290x3 335x1
3-14-14 Friday deads 405x3

3-16-14 slingshot 365x3x3
3-17-14 squat 355x3x3
3-19-14 bench 345x1 315x3
3-21-14 deads 455x1

3-23-14 slingshot 410x1
3-24-14 squat 405x1
3-26-14 bench 355x1
3-28-14 deads 405x1

Raw competition next Saturday. Last few weeks have been meet prep.

4-5-14 Comp Day
Bench 319-341-363-376(24lb PR)
Deadlift 418-462-501(50lb PR) miss 518

Set 2 state records and won first place open 242’s. Not spectacular numbers compared to others at my weight on this forum, but competition PR’s are always exciting.

376 Bench Press - YouTube - held me pretty good here.

Nice lifts and congratulations on the PRs.

How long have you been running 5/3/1?

[quote]trivium wrote:
Nice lifts and congratulations on the PRs.

How long have you been running 5/3/1?[/quote]


Idk how long.

So you take time off after a meet I take it?

[quote]trivium wrote:
So you take time off after a meet I take it?[/quote]

LOL - yes. I’ll be taking at least the next six months and training only calisthenics and dropping my body weight down to 200lbs. I’ve kinda longed to be really good at handling my body weight and feel this is a really good time to challenge myself to do it. Mentally, I need a break from powerlifting. I don’t plan on being done with it altogether, but really don’t have much interest in it right now.

Good luck to you tho and keep training what you love.

8-30-14 Squat
45x10 135x5 225x3 315x3 405x1 425x1 450x1

A little test today to see where I am. I have not been able to consistently train the squat for a couple of years w/o running into some issues.

My wife spotted me since my training partner and I have not been able to get together lately. She does not like spotting me when I get up to a heavier weight and does not like seeing my face “that red” as she puts it. LOL…good thing she didn’t see it at the bottom when my face was ready to explode.

Also hit 365 raw bench this week and 415 in the slingshot. Deadlift went up to 425x3 and stopped there.

Slingshot bench worked up to 405x1
Deads worked up to 455x1
Bench worked up to 370x1

Had a little cold this week, but still happy I’m making progress.