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531 Using Straight Sets

Hello everyone! Has anyone tried using 3 sets with the same weight instead of ramping up? When I get to my top set of the day, say 225x5 for example. If I do a second or third set with that same weight I feel stronger with that weight on the latter than I did on the first.

I know Jim spoke in another post about there being ways of using straight sets. I would like to try it but not sure about the progression from week to week. I usually do the main lift+ 1 assistance and abs/ back depending on the day. Thanks

My suggestion…

Do your first set last. I.e., if your work out is 185, 205 and 225… do your 225 set for a PR as per normal, then back off to 185 and do 3-5 sets at that weight.

When doing the back-off sets focus on your bar speed. You want to accelerate the bar as you come out of the bottom of the squat, and ideally the last rep of the last set should be the same speed or faster than the first rep of the first set. This will train you to generate power, which will pay off dividends as the weights get heavier.

thanks, power on my top set is definitely what I’m lacking. Might help to dial my TM back 10lbs also and focus on speed as you said.

You are missing one of the FOUR main principles of the program. You are not doing the program.

OP, you may want to get the “Beyond 5/3/1” e-book and go to page 55 or 75…although you are probably not an “advanced” lifter.