531 - Upping the Volume

Hey everybody
So right now I’m running a 5’s PRO + FSL template + 30-40 reps of assistance, while cutting, and I love it. Once I’m done with the 2 Leaders (template above) + 1 Anchor (3/5/1 +3x5 FSL), I’d like to step up my game and gain some serious size while on a surplus
Now am I better off adding for exemple, 1 FSL set per 10 week cycle, or should I go straight to something like BBB @ FSL?
I’ve seen several knowledgeable people recommend to wait until you stall to add volume to your current program. The logic behind it being that you’d quickly need too much volume to progress if you scale it up too soon in the first place. But I’m curious about Jim’s opinion on the matter?
Cheers guys

(If something’s not clear please tell me and I’dl try to explain better, english is not my native language ahah)

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I would go straight for a BBB template @ FSL. It’s definitely a step up in volume and challenge, and will be great way to add size.

Thanks for the answer. I definitely think I’ll run it, maybe throw some “bodybuilding” variations (even high bar squats didn’t do shit for my long-ass legs so I’ll give the leg press a shot). Goal is to get as massive as I can to eventually compete in strongman, currently sitting at 6’7 225lbs 18%~ BF so still a long way to go!!


Whatever you do don’t swap out squats for leg press. BBB squats @ FSL are excellent For size.

You can also look forward to some wonderful soreness in your quads and walking like a cripple.

5’s Pro + 5x5FSL allows up to 100 reps for each assistance category, even more depending on the what else you do outside of the gym.
If you move from a deficit to a surplus, one easy way to add more volume would be upping assistance work on big bang for buck stuff like dips, rows, chins, good mornings/RDLs and such. This alone could be a first step for packing some size size, adding volume and squeezing more progress out of the basic 5’s Pro/5x5FSL setup.

I don’t remember where I read it (maybe in Beyond or Forever, or maybe on an online article) but I do remember a quote from Jim where he says that beginners need to pack volume after the first year or so.
BBB@FSL won’t probably kill you, but a smart(er) way to set it up is to use it on two lifts (one upper and one lower) and keep the other two at 5x5FSL. For lower body, the squat is usually the best candidate.

I don’t doubt that they are excellent by any mean. My main concern really is my cardio not being able to keep up, resulting in some serious form breakdown.

Thanks for your feedback. Actually I was also planning to increase my assistance volume, lately I was very conservative with them, doing only 30-40 reps as I was coming back from a really low-volume program and cutting. Since my focus is on OHP and Deadlifts I don’t want assistance to take away from them either, so I’ll probably bump them up to 50-60 reps.

I’m fairly weak so take it for what it is, BBB@FSL worked really well for my press (1RM stands at about 0.85-0.9bw currently) but for someone stronger 10x5@FSL would probably work much better.
While for the deads, even if I’m built for pulling (long arms, short torso, 1RM above 2xbw) I’d never even attempt BBB@FSL with them, sounds the kind of thing that would drive you to the ground.