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531 Time Crunch

I am a Dad, Husband, former military, with a full time job in the construction industry and after 20 years of lifting weights I have come to the conclusion that I do not enjoy training anymore or at least not near what I used to. What I do enjoy is being strong, well conditioned and capable. In my daily routine I have decided frequent brief training sessions are more appealing than few longer sessions (2 day routine).

I like the BBB method but any of the routines/ programs will do, along with a stifled ego and good work ethic.

I simply set a timer. Every 2 minutes on the 2 minutes for 16 minutes. That’s 8 rounds (531 sets + 5x10. I do a quick warmup before hand with the bar. The BBB sets are at 60% as opposed to FSL. As fatigue is a major factor due to time constraint, minimal volume fluctuation has been key. On bench day I do 3 rounds, 20 reps per set of front delt raises, side delt raises, rear felt raises. No rest, that’s 60 reps per movement. I use 5 to 10lb weights and chase the burn. Deadlift day, I follow with 100 calf raises. That’s 100 in a row. If I can reach 100 without rest I up weight. OHP day I do the Bring Sally Up Finisher with Dips, moving to pushups when I fail. Squat day I complete the Bring Sally Up Finisher for Squats adding weight every week I complete without fail.

In all my workouts usually last 20 to 25 minutes 4 days I week. I also do a 1 mile run as fast as possible 3 days a week. So with running my time spent training each day is at most 32 minutes.

Trust me this routine is not optimal for getting as big strong and fast as humanly possible. But it is for being as big strong and fast as I care to be and might be the same for you.

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Wasnt looking for a program suggestion just giving ideas but thank you. I seen this before but it is 6 days instead of 4. He gives the option for 3 days but says that’s a 40 to 60 minute session and that’s without conditioning.

Yeah I know you weren’t, just thought that’d maybe be interesting to you. Didn’t mean to act like I knew more!

I like your program though. Really seems like your conditioning would be great with that, which honestly, is often more what’s needed in daily life rather than a 800lb squat or something. Looks good.

Thanks. Its Jim Wendler’s program as we all know. Just how I implement it to fit my life and give ideas to others. I gave up on an 800lb squat 10 years ago lol.

What kind of construction are you in? I’m assuming after the military, construction, two decades of training, and life in general, you’ve been banged up a few times.

My dad’s been in the masonry industry for almost twenty years, and I’m trying to get him a little more active outside of it. Not so much to lift impressive numbers on the barbell movements, but just to protect his joints and lower back, and stengthen his weak points. I’m sure his back, shoulders, and grip are quite strong, but his knees take a real pounding from kneeling all the time (he’s had a few surgeries) and his lower back and shoulders often bother him.

He’s started doing some pull aparts daily and has already noticed better feeling shoulders, but I’m looking at some hamstring/glute stuff for his knees and lower back.

Any recommendations you have, due to experience, for someone just getting into it? I doubt he’ll do much squatting (has almost no cartilage in his knees, so I’m assuming squats would just grind up his bones…might be wrong though) or place too much importance on heavy benching. Pressing would probably be worked more if he tolerates it.

I did framing for 3 years after getting out of the military and now I’m doing directional drilling and excavation work, which is luckily easier on the body but still has its days. My knees are smoked and I have slipping patella issues but have found box squatting to be my go to when my knees are a mess, as well as investing in good sleeves. My knee cap dislocated on a leg extension machine so that’s kind of horror movie central for me(not to mention I’m a garage lifter now). When you’re either getting back into shape or just starting everything feels like garbage. You have to A) find training you enjoy doing and B) do it long enough that you see improvement and can make better exercise selection based off what works for you once you are physically prepared. Your knees may be cooked or they may just need to be greased and rotated a few times.