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531 Push Press


Ok so heres my question..

I do push presses on wendlers 531.
I was thinking of doing my regular 531 push press..
And then after those as assistance do strict presses but with the 531 rep scheme as well
What do you guys think?

Heres my current 531 press workout

531 push press
Seated db press assistance
Barbell shrugs assistance
tricep dips assistance.

So if i added the strict press as my second excercise instead of the seated dumbell press..do you think that would work?


IMO you’d be better off doing 531 strict press. After the PR set, continue ramping up doing singles and then go from there with push presses.


It’s your training. Do what you want. So long as you follow the tenets of 5-3-1 you’re ok.


Alternatively you could program the Strict Press using “Programmed Assistance” from the 2nd Edition book.


I have done 531 push press and then strict press 5x10 with good results.


If you want to use 5/3/1 for both push press and strict press, it would probably end up being sort of similar to programming power cleans–do them first and stay well away from failure (and maybe only hit the requisite reps once it gets heavier). Just an idea…


I agree with kakarat. If it were me, I would do 5/3/1 strict press, then switch to push presses. Unless you are really bad at push pressing, you should be able to hit your top set strict pressing, then have a good amount of room before you get to heavy weights push pressing.


OmniStyx ; this is what I do as well, 531 for cleans, than 531 for deads, and it’s seems to work well, just hitting required reps. I don’t see why the OP couldn’t do somthing along these lines with press, and pushpress. That would be 5 sets each, 10 sets total, with 2 of the sets being close to failure. To me this isn’t over doing it, as long as thats all the over head work you do. it’s no more work than if you were doing BBB template, with either press. Me personally I would do the strict press first, but I think thats a matter of prefrance for the OP. I say give it a try, and see how it effects your strength, and numbers.

For me adding in cleans is a short term goal, to be able to clean my BW, shouldn’t take long, but in your case you’ll have to see if this will work for the long term, or just somthing you do in short cycles. Either way goodluck.