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531 No Bench - Basic Equipment

I just read part 2 of Jim’s Instagram Q & A. A couple spots he mentions that the basic equipment is (1) rack or stand, (2) Platform and (3) barbell and plates.

This happens to be the equipment I currently have. For this setup and being a beginner, what do you substitue for bench?

Thanks for the help.

You can’t bench in the rack?

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I have a squat stand, but no bench.

I wrote an article about this. Maybe for Tnation? I don’t know.

How much of a newb are you?
-The maxing out is not for a beginner(personally think it would work very well even without) but great template and no bench needed…

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Do floor press in the squat rack if the supports go low enough.

This is one of my favorite templates.

Yeah really good all-round one, full body nature leans you out also.

Actually just reading up on how Nick Saban weight trains his athletes at Alabama and is extremely similar. (obviously with some bench variation also)