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531 More Often


So, I am wondering if I could follow 531 this way

Mon Bench
Tue Squat

Thu Military
Fri Deadlift

Sunday Bench
Monday Squat

Wed Military
Thu Deadlift

The two training days move through the week to a different day.
That way I only have one day off instead of two in a row bc after two days off in a row I feel like shit. If however this deviates away from the program and hurts progress then obviously I will stick to whats proven.


Don't forget that 5/3/1 is more than just lifting. If you have two days off in a row from lifting, one or both of those days should already be taken up with conditioning, mobility work, or both.

What do you mean when you say "feel like shit"?


Depends on your lifestyle. I am currently away from home on a work rotation (have been for a few months now). When I am out here, I am basically sedentary aside from lifting/conditioning. Very low-stress job. So for this trip I have been following the exact routine you are outlining. I went through an entire Juggernaut cycle skipping the deload weeks (didn't need them) and am currently in the third week of a 531 cycle to fill in time before I travel home next week.

My schedule has looked like this:
Day 1 - Front Squat (dropped squats about a year ago, shoulders and lower back just weren't digging it anymore)
Day 2 - Bench/Row
Day 3 - no lifting, just conditioning (prepping for a PT test coming up)
Day 4 - Deadlift
Day 5 - Military PRess/Weighted Pullups
Day 6 - Bis/Tris, followed by conditioning
Start over at Day 1

I haven't had a day off from some form of training since late September, but I feel great and have continued making progress - have added to my training max on everything but military press (always been my weak point).

I would say try it out for a few weeks (or more) and see how you feel. Feel good or better? Keep going. Feel worn down and shitty? Go back to the regular schedule.


If you truly feel like shit taking 2 days in a row off lifting (no idea why this would be) then what about an 8 day schedule?

Day 1: Squat/Bench
Day 2: conditioning
Day 3: Deadlift/Press
Day 4: off
Day 5: Squat/Bench
Day 6: conditioning
Day 7: Deadlift/Press
Day 8: off

Jumps regularly. Mobility each day.


OP, look for The Frequency Project and The Frequency Project 2.0 templates.


When I say feel like shit I mean because I love going to the gym and not going makes me feel anxious. Feel like shit wasn't the best description. Thanks for the info.


Jim also has a template called "One lift a day" (or something similar), where you hit one main lift and some assistance each day and just keep rotating the lifts. I think it's on his personal forum.


It sounds like "The Frequency Project" (once available in .pdf format on Jim's website): you train everyday, hitting one main lift + assistance (some back muscles on upper body day, core on lower body ones), never go for max reps on last set (you can do some heavy single, but nothing too taxing).

Training cycle last 12 days, then you increase TM and go for another one without deloading. It's 8 weeks of regular training squeezed in less than a month; I found it challenging but doable.


It's still available, for free; OP, go download it !


If you train ED, you'd better use 80-85% TM. If not, you will fuck it up. Just a word of caution.