531 Modification to Week 1

Ok I love 531 and I have read the book but I want to get more work in the 80-90% range.

So I was thinking instead in week one do 65%x3-75%x3-85%x1-90%x3x3.

Do this look like a stupid modification? Should I just leave it like it is or what?

Ive been doing the program for over a year now.

Had to reset bench once deadlift once and squat once so far.

I know everyone says to leave it alone but from your own experience would it work?

Read beyond 5/3/1 and do some jokers.

[quote]johngalt191 wrote:
Read beyond 5/3/1 and do some jokers.[/quote]

[quote]johngalt191 wrote:
Read beyond 5/3/1 and do some jokers.[/quote]

I can’t recommend the above enough - do jokers and follow the program. Doing straight sets (as you have the listed) do not follow the program philosophy I believe in. If you believe in a different set of training principles that have helped you achieve a great level of strength, I hope you follow them and stay on that path. In that case, this program is not for you.

But I cannot endorse something that goes against the principles that I believe in.

Wow the man himself. Amazing! I love the program and totally believe in it it has helped my deadlift and squat sky rocket! Ive always been a shitty bencher.

Ive been following your program and on week one I always go for 8 reps and I leave 2-3 in the tank and I have been doing this consistently since my last reset for about 4 cycles. So what your saying is that if I hit the new 5 week weights for 8 in the new cycle a (PR)
Then its ok to do some jokers say 2-3 sets of a 1 rep if im feeling good?

Its an honor having you comment on my post BTW I tell everyone about the program and a few of my dudes love it as well. Ive not only gained some good muscle mass but some great strength since Ive been in it.

Starting lifts

Bench-285 now 340-350
Squat- 305 now 495-515
Deadlift-425 now 530-545

I’m saying set PR’s.

Jokers and FSL are done either on design (people who can’t/shouldn’t autoreg) of when you feel good.

So for next 6 week cycle do them. Since you are an intermediate do 3/5/1 and do them on 3/1. Also, if you don’t follow the 5 for/3back rule - you are a fool. Everyone that does that gets great. Almost 100% of the time.

Only weak people don’t follow smart advice.

Ill follow your advice Jim thanks.