531 Lower & 5s Progression Upper

I’m finishing up my 6th cycle of 5/3/1 and have made pretty solid progress (repping my old 1RMs for 3-5 and even hit a 55 lb PR on squat).

My squat and deadlift are still going strong while bench and OHP are starting to get real heavy.

Because of that, I’m looking at dropping my TM on the upper body lifts and moving towards 5s Progression for a couple cycles. Since I’m still enjoying and progressing at 531 on the lower body lifts, I was wondering if it’s advisable to stick with that while doing 5s Pro on the upper body lifts? Has anyone done this and had negative results or foresee negative results?

Thanks in advance,

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That should be fine.

What will you drop your TM to? I’m thinking of doing the same for some of my lifts.

In general, I try to keep the TM so that one can always hit 5 reps on the “5/3/1” week. You don’t HAVE to hit 5 reps, but you should be able to. If you are doing 5’s PRO this is obvious. However, your 5 reps (when using 5’s PRO) should be a very, very strong 5 reps.