531 Is Working For Me

Hey Jim, I don’t really have a question but wanted to thank you for the program. I’m in my third year of training seriously and have been using your 531 program for the last ten months. I’m currently in my 12th cycle and my squat max has gone from 425 to 480, bench has gone from 315 to 336, and my deadlift has gone from 550 to 565 with body weight staying pretty consistent at 225. I’ve also been regularly setting rep PRs.

Since I’ve been tracking my rep PRs the best part of the program for me is that I have a specific goal as far as weights and reps for my top set every time I’m in the gym. It may not always work out, but it brings additional purpose to a training session I don’t get when I train by feel or without a specific goal for a session.

I’m a fan of anything that adds over 90 pounds to my powerlifting total in such a short period of time. There’s no need to change what works so I’ll continue hammering away at this for a good long time. Thanks for your work.

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