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531 Hardgainer: "+ (PR set)" on Deadlift and Squat Day?


I’m doing the 531 Hardgainer program, what does the + (PR set) means on deadlift and squat day?



I interpret it to mean you do as many reps as possible with that weight. It depends on who you ask.


Read the 531 book, if you don’t understand the program you won’t make progress.


It’s not up to interpretation. You also need to read the 531 book because you clearly have no idea what the program is about.


chillax mate

OP hit as many reps as possible then sit back and interpret how your set went


Mate you need to be blunt, simple and in essence rude sometimes. If he doesn’t know what a PR set is he doesn’t know all the other bases for the program, how it works and why it works. Telling him to “interpret” how the set went means literally nothing, there are so many variables and if you don’t understand how it works any interpretation you have is completely arbitrary



  • Try to beat your previous repetition record with the same weight
  • Try to maintain proper form.
  • Avoid failure. Do not start a rep unless you are sure you will finish it.


  • Don’t try to beat a previous repetition record if that means your form goes down the drain.
  • A rep PR is not worth hauling it up by any means necessary
  • Don’t go absolutely 100% balls to the walls. The program is designed for long term progress, hence you progress gradually beating previous rep and eventually weight PR’s. Beating your squat rep PR by 4 reps by going Kong in the rack is not worth 1-2 rep PR on both squats and deadlifts within the same week.


Dearie fucking me…

Who’s ever sat back after banging out a set of 20 rep squats then ‘interpreted’ their set?

Think you need to realign your sarcasm detector mate