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531 Full Body, Switch Dumbbell Work for Barbells?

Hi I’m thinking to switch to the 531 fullbody template . I train at home and have no dumbbells and since you never know what you don’t know, I’m wondering if I can just switch the dumbbell work out for barbell work. ? Or is there is even a more suitable replacement, like dips or incline for dumbbell bench? What’s best to replace the dumbbell rows?

Wedge the barbell in the corner on one end, and do high rep meadows rows on the other

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I just looked that up. Thanks! What a great idea. I think I’ll fab a pivoting sleeve for my rack now. Is there an optimal dumbbell bench replacement?

The BBB programs don’t specify using DBs so I don’t think you’ll offend Jim if you just do more barbell work. Start with 5x10 at 50% TM if you want to do bench. You could do Incline or dips also. I don’t think it matters much. Just get 50 reps or extra chest work on that day.

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Not that I know of, but honestly I wouldn’t worry about it. I like db pressing, and they really help with bench, but tons of people have gotten yoked and strong just doing incline, flat and decline bench along with push ups and dips. Just focus on basic compounds and you’ll be alright brother

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Thanks guys! I guess I should have taken a better look at the book as Jim covered my very question.

So to reach the total 50 reps on the day of extra chest work, can i use also 2 different excercise? Such as DB bench press and some dips?


Yes. …