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531 Full-Body, 5s Pro, and FSL

I’d like to put something together using 5s Pro, FSL, and the Beyond 5/3/1 assistance template because it fits my needs perfectly. I was thinking something like the below. Thoughts?

Squat - 5s Pro, 3x5-8 FSL
Bench - 5x5 FSL
Chins, pushdowns, abs

Deadlift - 5s Pro
Press - 5s Pro, 3x5-8 FSL
Good-mornings, curls, pull-aparts/face pulls

Squat - 5x5 FSL
Bench - 5s Pro, 3x5-8 FSL
Chins, pushdowns, abs


We don’t do this - we have something like 30-40 different full body templates and we don’t set them up like this. This is trying to have your cake and eat it too.