531 Forever Review

I’ll preface this by saying I wnjor reading about training almost as much as anything. So getting the book I was excited but obviously had the expectation that it would be your typical training book with tons of info that you could get off the internet with a bit of filler

I can honestly say this books is by a mile the best training book I own. I likely have a concept bias as I was a former college football player, specifically a fullback/linebacker so Jim’s training has always seemed like “the way” to train for me.

First off the criticisms. These are not mine, but some of the ones I’ve read.

No table of contents-tough it up, don’t be a bitch

Non linear writing- some people have mentioned the fact that certain pieces appear in random sections. If you are going to buy the book read the whole thing. Don’t be a bitch

Shipping costs-willing to spend 50 bucks on workout shops but not shipping? Don’t be a bitch


Training programs for days- literally you could buy this book and never buy another book again. Legit, the majority of the book is training programs with in depth analysis of every piece of training. From warm ups to mobility

Recovery workouts-a nice section on recovery workouts. From ways to combine them with conditioning, to how to do them with no equipment

Comprehensive-this books covers everything from how to warm up, jump/throw to how to program assistance and more importantly how to individualize it to yourself and the program you are running.

Leader/anchor/7th week protocol etc-this whole concept is amazing for anyone who has been running 531 for years. It makes logical sense and more importantly it works.

Programs for all types- a bit redundant but after my first point but there is programs for being able to train two days a week for 45 minutes to 4 plus days a week for 60-90 minutes. Personal favourite is the Wendler classic. As a father with Ltd time this program is perfect

Final thoughts-this books puts it all together. For anyone who loves training, loves reading about training etc this book is for you. If you are a former athlete this book will likely ring true. It combines training elements that you have probably tried to implement with failure and does so while allowing you a million options to do so

If you don’t have the book- get it. It’s more than worth it. Easily the best training book I own.

Favourite programs: coffinworm, spinal tap 5s pro, Wendler classic, begginer prep and God is a beast.