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531 Forever & MMA

Hi guys,

Big fan of 531 and currently run it as my strength training for MMA.

I’ve been looking at 531 forever but unsure of the programs within it’s covers. Are they suitable for someone who spends 8-20hrs a week striking & grappling or are they more suited as standalone programs for someone who doesn’t participate in other sports?


There are sooo many programs in Forever ranging from 2 days of lifting to others being best suited as standalone programs, IMO. Also, they are often customizable, allowing you to choose the supplement and assistance work, as well as “easy” and “hard” conditioning frequencies.

I can’t imagine you’d get the book and not find a program that would fit into your MMA training. Just be smart about what you choose in terms of barbell volume and recovery. So, in short, I would recommend you pick it up.

Yes. Definitely worth the purchase. Enough information and programs to last a lifetime.

Make the purchase. You will not regret it.

I used to train in Muay Thai in my college years and followed 531 at the same time. I wish I had Forever at that time. I was really quite unsure how to mix lifting and kickboxing. This book would have made a world of difference.

In the book in all his programs he outlines how much of each conditioning type he recommends for a program. I would definitely say the majority of your striking and grappling work is going to fall under the realm of “hard” conditioning.

A lot of the 531 programming is geared towards athletes who are using lifting to improve at their sports.