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531 Forever Full Body Check?

Hey guys,
After doing 531 boring but big 4 days a week and a good Progress, i had only 3 days of time since a Half year. In that Half year i continued with the 3 days a week BBB template.
The Progress stalled.
My real 1rm maxes
1x90kg military press
1x125 kg bench press
1x160kg deadlift
1x140kg squat
So I decided to do the 531 squat press pull full body template 1 on page 146 in the book.
Jim wendler recommends 25-50 reps of each pushing, pulling without rows and chins and lower back/abdominal work.

My question is about the Assistance work.

Main Work
5x5 squat SSL
50 reps of Chins
Military press 531 5’s pro
Assistance proposal
3x10 Dips
2x10 tricep pushdowns
3x10 Face Puls
2x10 curls
2 Sets of farmers carry
2x10 hyperextension

Main work
Squat 5s pro
Deadlift 5d pro
5x5 bench press SSL
Assistance Same like First das
Just Dips -》 dumbbell military
Leave out hyperextensions

Main work
Squat 5x5 FSL
Rows 50 reps
Military press 5x5 FSL

Assistance same like first day
Just Dips -》 dumbbell Bench press.

Is that ok or too much,
Any other proposals?

alot of the assistance work is going to be by feel, you dont have to max out total reps on every assistance exercise. You likely have weak areas that should be prioritized. Be honest with yourself, just pay attention, and if assistance is eating into your main lifts then dial back and again focus on your weak links; some muscles just dont require the same amount of work as others do, you need to make that call.