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531 Forever E-book or European Shipping?


Just wondering if there’s any update on whether they’ll be a forever E-book or any shipping from Europe? Last I read (around release) there didn’t seem to be a clear answer. I’m really wanting to get the new book but unfortunately I can’t justify the price right now.

Sorry if you’ve been asked this recently, I couldn’t find anything in the search, and sorry if I appear naive, I know very little about how these things work.

There should be a shipping forwarding service in your country that will get the book out to you cheaper (but probably a little slower) - have a look.

I’ve not heard of those before, I’ll have a look. Thank you.

I got it shipped to Switzerland in December! Go for it!

As of now the Forever book is not on Kindle. As of now, we have no plans of doing a Kindle version. It will not be offered as a traditional ebook. I understand the frustration of some readers.

Thanks for your reply Jim.