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531 Forever and PRs

I have the forever book and was looking through the programs. Most of the new programs do not call for PR’s but it is mentioned early on in the book that there is a chance to set PR’s every workout.

So are we supposed to go for as many reps as we can on the last set for all the programs or should we just get the prescribed reps if the no PR’s are mentioned in the write up for the program?

If we just get the reps, am i right in thinking the PR’s come after the first cycle when you add 5 to 10 pounds and get the same reps as the first cycle but a higher weight.

I have only done the standard 531 with BBB and that included PR sets every week and i had great success with it. I want to try some of the new programs but dont want to shoot for PR sets every workout if it will hurt me down the road. Hope all this makes sense.

Any advice would great. Thanks in advance.

There are still PRs in most anchor cycles. Use the leaders to accumulate volume. The anchor is a cycle in which you can push for PRs and push the assistance and conditioning as well. Its more intensity based for the main lifts vs volume.

Thanks for the response.

So for a program of 2 leaders and 1 anchor, you increase the weight after the first leader while only hitting the prescribed reps and then increase it after the second leader and go for PR’s in the anchor? So you still increase the weight after both leaders?

You use the correct reps - many times this is 5’s PRO.

Thanks Jim, love the programmes. Am i right regarding the 5 or 10 pound increase after every leader? So for each subsequent cycle you are lifting more weight.

2 leaders, deload week, 1 anchor followed by TM test week.

5lbs for upper body lifts, 10lbs for lower body lifts after each cycle.

Don’t get discouraged that you won’t set a PR within 6 weeks, your PRs will skyrocket in the anchor.

Thanks buddy

Yes. This hasn’t changed; we generally increase no more than 5lbs.

Thanks Jim. Look forward to getting started on some of these