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531 Forever and 3-Days a Week

I picked up 531 Forever a few days ago and had some questions regarding running some of the programs as 3-days a week. Previously I was running the original 5/3/1 doing 3-days a week so cycles would take an extra week (A/B/C, D/A/B, C/D/A, B/C/D).

  • Are most of the programs run the same in Forever? Where if I do 3-days a week of say 5x531, a full program with 2 leaders and 1 anchor last 12 weeks? Or is it just 3 weeks and you cut out that B/C/D week?

  • If it run the same way, is the 7th week protocol still run after the two leaders? So if the two leaders are done in 8 weeks, the protocal is run in the 9th?

Many programs in Forever are 4x a week, and you can adjust to 3x a week as you say by cycling through the lifts less often and extending your “week”. There are also many programs that are specifically laid out for 3x a week lifting. He doesn’t say anything about stopping after 3 weeks and cutting out part of the 531 cycle.

The 7th week protocol is for whenever you need it. Not necessarily just “week 7”, but you can use it after 3 weeks, etc… As you say, in your case probably it would occur on the 9th week unless you feel the need to take it sooner.

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