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531 for Those Short on Time


Essentially during the last four weeks I had been prepping for exams and really only had around 40 minutes to train including travel time, so I set my 531 like so
*main lifts were rep PRs with pyramid scheme and PR on final set also

bench 531
DB row 50-100 total
Face Pull 100 total

Squat 531
DB RDL 25-50 total
Hang leg raise 25-50 total

Press 531
Weighted chins 50-100 total
Band pull aparts 100 total

Deadlift 531
bodyweight bulgarian split squat 50-100 reps
strict sit ups 50-100 reps

I ran it like a circuit, just moving between exercises as I felt ready. I did time them out of curiousity but I never looked at the time or tried to intentionally beat it…this isn’t a crossfit WOD so don’t treat it like one. I found some cool things though, and I will probably use this as my leader and keep 5’s pro, 5x5fsl for my anchor.

After the first week (which was tough getting used to, admittedly), My times plateaued at around 15 mins for upper body and 20 mins for lower body, and even as the weights got heavier I never felt like I ‘needed’ more time to recover, so I know this helped me to just get shit done (or work capacity…whatever)

I hit rep PR’s every week after the first. Something about knowing I had to just get this shit done and having two chances at a rep RP was really cool.

I’ve gotten bigger, stronger and leaner and I’m mid way through week 5. My appetite is massive at the moment and I’m eating like a motherfucker but gaining no fat.

This is definitely not a great idea if you aren’t in good shape though, the lower body days have left me shaking more days than not and I have thrown up a couple times.