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531 for Strict Curl

Would following a 531 template for strict curl be worth it or should I just keep training as normal?

You don’t do 5/3/1 pulldowns or DB rows either so why the hell would you do 5/3/1 curls?

Read 5/3/1 Reloaded and look at modification # 6. But as Jim has been saying, you better have a damn good reason for doing something.


Are you competing in the strict curl?

Well, pulldowns and DB rows are not a powerlifting event in the 100 Raw Division so that is why I would not follow the 531 template. Yes I am competing in the strict curl.

Thanks ajnew27.

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This is what I did, when I did a PL meet with the strict curl.
Background , I’m a little older(56) and compete 1-2x/ year in local fundraising type meets . Raw and no drugs for me ( not judging). I ramped my 351 to my goal lifts over a 16-18 week course.
For the curl. 2x/ week. Day 1 was 12, 8,6,4,2,2,then 3x6 hammer curls, with a moderate weight.
Day 2 was 5x5 then 1-2x3 depending on how I felt. Then some DB pronation/supination forearm work 1-2x 10 again moderate.
Day 2 was the EZ curl bar .
I kept rows to 5x10 and tried to really avoid the bicep on the movement so the weight was lower.
I did CG BP or floor press as my 2nd BP movement and 5x5. Some triceps pushdowns 1-2 x15-20 at the end again easy weight.
I did band pull aparts 30-50 every training day to avoid tendinitis , again easy.
Practice technique on the heavy sets. Really grip the floor with your toes. Brace your entire body and get as much air in as you can ( air, brace , toes is the order . I used a belt for the top sets and chalk really helps.
Have fun, enjoy your training. Block out anything negative in life and training, it comes from the insecurity of others.

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I should add , I did pretty much straight linear progression , adding weight every 1-2 weeks and trying to avoid a stall. The first few sets 12,8,6 and the first 2 on 5x5 were not taxing . Warmup types.

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